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Trudeau’s trash talk

SANS good looks, Canadian President Justin Trudeau’s arrogant behavior speaks well of his persona – a braggart with no sense of respect of diplomatic protocols and human rights.

Trudeau’s inaction to get back his country’s trash is an outright insult done by a first world country. He has been facing a flak  for dumping tons of illegal garbage into the country.  

It’s now 2019 and Trudeau’s government is still working on it on the problem over a private firm's garbage shipment to the country in 2013.

Chronic Inc, a private company based in Ontario, Canada had imported to the country some 55 containers filled with trash, including household waste in 2013. They were misdeclared as plastic scraps.

Intercepted by BOC authorities, some of the containers were later sent to a landfill in Capas, Tarlac. 

During his first visit to the country for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in 2015, Trudeau vowed to find an immediate solution
to the garbage problem.


And the good-looking Trudeau, who likes excessive yacking and photo ops may have overlook this: the United Nations Human Rights
Committee has accused his country of failing to take effective action on a range of issues of human rights violations.

These include, among others, the missing and murdered aboriginal women, political audits of charities, and the federal government's anti-terror legislation.

Or this: Trudeau is accused of  championing fossil fuels, his support of an oil pipeline expansion across Canada, and the failing grade given to him by indigenous leaders of his own country.

Simply put, the PR spin designed for Trudeau didn’t do well enough for him to justify his long overdue decision to get back his trash. Instead,
it went wildly out of hand for him.

Trudeau has been noticeably reduced to an attention-grabbing kind of a leader from the North.

With Duterte’s order to spend for the trash shipment back to Canada, Trudeau is now reduced to being a stupid swagger-kind of a leader – an knowing in trash talk.

His ‘good boy’ image is now tarnished like his garbage.

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