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Transformation for People, Planet, Prosperity & Peace

Kim’s Dream Orlan Ravanera
The Couple’s Amazing Life of Service is a WAKE-UP CALL

Contemporaneous spiritual leaders are one in their contention that it is imperative for humanity to be unfettered from the egoic-mindset to have spiritual enlightenment to effect social transformation for people, planet, prosperity and peace which is being advanced by the United Nations in the UN’s issuance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. While the couple’s amazing life of service of Dr. Jesus Guiab and Atty. Remedios Guiab can be likened to a light that has liberated Wao from poverty, gross inequity, social injustice and conflict as the couple has put their lives in the Hands of God, the same can be applied everywhere else as a sort of a wake-up call for humanity that is in deep slumber. Indeed, debunking unbridled materialism and consumerism amidst spiritual denigration and morale collapse can be done by going to the sublime as exemplified by the amazing couple.

The couple’s life of service may just be a “drop in a bucket,” but can provide a glimmer of hope as the homo sapiens, based on the Oxfam Studies, are now undergoing transformation to become Spiritus Luminous (enlightened spirits) or homo pacem (men and women for peace). It has been said that the most flawed species of all of God’s creation is the homo sapiens. In the 20 th century alone, the number of people who died a violent death in the hands of their fellow humans would rise to more than one hundred fifty million. Such happened not only through two world wars but also through exterminations and genocides.

The harm being done is not just limited to human beings but to the Mother Earth as well. Billions of life forms be flora or fauna have been sacrificed to the altar of greed and profit. Worse, the collective manifestation of insanity is now felt by the earth itself as it is now in the precipice of its 6 th extinction which is anthropogenic (man-made).

The amazing life of service of the couple has trailblazed the much-awaited transformation which is now unfolding world-wide, although very rare, towards humanity’s quantum leap in its evolutionary growth. Such will be the amazing awakening move to stop humanity’s falling down into the precipice as announced by thousands of concerned scientists and environmentalists worldwide that the “earth is just one minute before midnight.” To have a clear grasp of the importance of the spiritual enlightenment process, let us have some reflections on the current socio-economic-political and ecological developmental realities.

There is no question on the impressive achievements of humanity as the human mind is highly intelligent but its very intelligence is tainted by madness that has created dysfunctions which are accelerating and intensifying. As explained by Atty. Marilou Ravanera Ares in her book, “Our Balancing Acts,” she said, “the global development problems that we are currently facing, and the state of development that we are currently experiencing are seemingly heading towards the opposite direction of development. Development is becoming incoherent, or mysterious even, that while there is advancement in technology, progress in industry and increase in production, that would supposedly set the stage for humanity’s well-being and growth, there is however, the worsening of conditions of the majority of men and societies, and of the environment, and in our planet, it seems that we are advanced materially, we are also becoming extinct gradually. The current global development problems like the unstoppable Covid-19, the increasing natural disasters, unending hunger, and the ever-imminent threat of a nuclear war are leading us to a path heading towards our extinction, planetary destruction and annihilation.”

The imperative need of spiritual enlightenment has been categorically explained by Dr. Jesus Guiab in his book, “Lives in the Hands of God” which the amazing couple relied upon based on the firm belief that surrendering one’s life to God’s will as stated in the prayer, “Thy will be done,” that life enters a transcendental dimension where the Universal Intelligence governs. Then, oneness and interconnectedness of all of God’s creation looms as all lives emanate from one Source. Then, there will be a new earth and a new heaven where people, planet, prosperity and peace will be the order of the times.

Dr. Jesus Guiab and Atty. Remedios Galutera Guiab, humble as you are but your amazing life of service may just be a little candle looming in Wao but when millions if not billions of people on earth will carry the same light of service, darkness will indeed fade away as darkness cannot defeat the light.

Dr, Guiab writes well. As I have already mentioned he wrote a novel that is full of good lessons entitled, “Lives in the hands of God.” He has written hundreds of short stories about how life should be lived in the hands of God. As underscored by him, “when our time on earth is done, money or material things will not matter but the love, time and kindness that we have given to others will shine and will last forever.”

I remember once seeing in a grocery store a young man pay an old lady’s grocery needs. When the old lady asked, “How much do I owe you?” The young man said, “Pass on the good deed so it will never end.”

We hope that the love, time and kindness the amazing couple gave to others and thier caring for Mother Earth will shine and will last forever. As the people whose lives the couple has touched will keep on passing them to others and so on. This way, truly, the LOVE, TIME AND KINDNESS THAT THEY HAVE GIVEN TO OTHERS WILL SHINE AND WILL LAST FOREVER.

Together with the hundreds of thousands recipients of the amazing couple’s LOVE, TIME AND KINDNESS, I thought of passing their love, time and kindness to others by writing this article. If all of us will extend to others our LOVE, TIME AND KINDNESS, like what the couple is doing, there is hope that the inevitable end of this world and the anhilation of life will never come. And, all of us, like the couple Dr. Jesus Guiab and Atty. Remedios Galutera Guiab will all become spiritually sublime, lovingly taking care of each other in the hands of God.

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