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Tourism development project

The development objective of the Integrated Infrastructure Development for National Tourism Strategic Areas Tourism Development Project is to improve the quality of, and access to, tourism-relevant basic infrastructure and services, strengthen local economy linkages to tourism, and attract private investment in selected tourism destinations in the country.
The project will comprises of four components:
First component, increase institutional capacity to facilitate integrated and sustainable tourism development consists of a technical assistance program to increase institutional capacity at the national and subnational level to facilitate integrated and sustainable tourism development.
Second component, improve tourism-relevant road quality and basic services accessibility consists of sub-projects designed to enhance the quality and condition of tourism-relevant roads, provide facilities for public transport and non-motorized transport, as well as improve access to basic services and infrastructure essential for a satisfactory tourist experience and for the preservation of natural and cultural assets of selected tourism destinations.
Third component, promote local participation in the tourism economy aims to increase participation of local firms and individuals in the tourism sector.
Fourth component, enhance the enabling environment for private investment and business entry in tourism consists of a technical assistance program to design and implement tourism destination-specific investment planning, to include such activities as: (a) the preparation and updating of investment project ready to offer (I-PRO); (b) market sounding activities; and (c) monitoring of investment projects.

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