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Total disrespect for traffic laws

A stop sign that nobody stops at, much less respect. My husband Ronnie Dennis found it hilarious seeing motorists totally ignore the stop sign while we headed to Laguindingan airport the other day.

We headed there to fetch my daughter Maria Regina and her family which consisted of her son Master  Jacob Frederick Boddison and her daughter Susanne Lorette Palmes.

They arrived all the way from Great Britain for a brief vacation in Cagayan de Oro City. On reaching Barangay Igpit in Opol town, Misamis Oriental I was impressed with the three to four lane road leading to the airport.

Except for the few motorelas and motorcycles passing by, I think it qualified as a highway. It was clean and surprisingly so, which made me think it may be cleaned by streetsweepers of every barangay.

But the conversation I had with Ronnie was dominated by the road signs and the demeanor of the drivers. At a checkpoint where all vehicles heading to and leaving Cagayan de Oro stood a tall Stop sign painted in red and white.

Ronnie, a veteran driver who plowed through the roads of Germany, Paris, France and South Korea could not help but laugh at how drivers disregarded the Stop sign.

It was only him who bothered to stop the vehicle, get out and look around to see if anyone else followed. I heard him talk loudly "at least I followed."

He told me that the Philippines had a wide variety of transport choices but that motorcycle drivers should follow the rules like car owners.

I just listened to him inside the car but I noted that while there may be street sweepers there are no traffic enforcers in sight.  

When I watch the local TV news or read the Mindanao Daily, I see news stories of accidents that led to deaths on the road. These roads including the highway leading to the airport should be manned by agencies tasked to conduct traffic.

Who are these agencies anyway? In the US there are highway patrol cops manning the interstate or highways. 

If they believe a driver is over speeding they stop the drivers and immediately inspect them to see if they are driving under the influence.

In the Philippines most accidents are caused by drunk driving. Pedestrians brave enough to cross the highway unaided at night can smell liquor wafting through the air from big vehicles driven by owners with tinted windows to avoid identification. 

May we learn from Ronnie's observations. His laughter at the Filipino motorist's blatant disregard for traffic laws is not an insult but an accurate insight that should be taken into consideration.

In the meantime let me enjoy my grandkids. Granddaughter Susane @Tating got a perfect score in her French class while Arianne Jaden Baisas is enjoying Foundation Day of Corpus Christi School and getting ready for her third piano recital in December.

My eldest granson Christian P. Mejorada aced his examinations at St. Mary's Academy in Tagoloan town, Misamis Oriental and participating in the intramurals as well.

And my Master Jacob is enjoying all the farm animals from chicken to Turkey  in the countryside. 

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