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Career is a rapid motion. A course of action. Sure! A professional conduct in life. Even a progress through life. Here we are! That means, a careerist is one, who rushes widely and makes his own personal advancement as well as his (or her) own aim in life!

What can we do, if "career doubts" won't go away? First allow me to quote my bible, especially Jude (watching out – sounding an alarm!), who writes in a style of a teacher who is watching a freight train bear down on his student's driver. Yes, bells ring out: "Be merciful to those who doubt." (Jude 2:22).

My parents always wanted me to become a banker. So far so good. Why not? Maybe I would have been much more happier in my job during those times. Maybe not? I wanted to be a journalist already at the age of 16… . Believe it or not!

The pressure "to be" (or later NOT TO BE – thank you Mr. Shakespeare!), started early in my life. Not only my parents, also my peers and teachers began to exert their influences on me. Yes, I even didn't know yet where my inclinations lay. I only knew, I wanted to become a journalist… .

Suddenly being a doctor or a lawyer? Yes, I was interested in law and medicine at that time. I really got very lucky becoming an editor of German law magazines during my last 18 years in Germany. But I never became a lawyer – or doctor! Now, I would ask myself – who cares?

"The way that people pick up careers is incredibly  primitive," said Nicholas Lore, founder of the Rockport Institute, a career coaching firm, and author of "The Pathfinder". Strong tobacco, indeed. That's why so many people are indeed dissatisfied with their jobs. I wanted to be a journalist, but mass communications wasn't my major subject yet. During the early 1970's publishing house management, German language, marketing and writing skills training. Once upon a time in Germany… .

Believe me, I always thought about a true calling for myself. Sure, people, whose careers aren't the fight fit often  feel like impostors, as Professor Robert I. Sutton, an organizational psychologist at Stanford University in Palo Alto, said. Very, very well said, Sir.

How about you, my dear reader of this column? Are you also placing too high a value on the external rewards of job, like money, prestige and power? Of course, for many of us (most?) these things are indeed important. Hold on, please! The work you do and the skills  your opportunity  require and the value of your work are really more vital to fulfillment. Paper work, or not… . You think, you find a better a career fit? Go ahead – but don't expect that this your life's career!

I waited for my "better calling" (what a terrible term!) experiencing many even better and wonderful moments in life. I experienced also that several professional things I did in the past had been not very much compatible to me. But I stored many valuable experiences. Yes, I was in doubts many, many times. 


Though I reached already my retirement age, one thing is for sure: today, I am what I am. And, I am proud of it. Human thinks – but our good  Lord leads … !

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