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The Running Justice, Gabriel T. Ingles

The Court of Appeals Visayas Station Executive Justice, Gabriel T. Ingles, former President of IBP Cebu City Chapter took time out from his busy schedule to share with us how he got into running, the Cebu Executive Runners Club and his memorable running events.

justice Gabby

Justice Gabby: ” I have always loved and been involved in sports. Since my elementary days I played softball in school, backyard basketball, loved watching boxing with my father, but enjoyed more track and field. During my high school and college days at Christ the King Mission Seminary I played basketball and was chosen a varsity member.

While studying law I shifted to playing lawn tennis and after more than ten years of it I decided to shift to long distance running.  It was during this time that I was able to join the Cebu Executive Runners Club.  Memorable were the times that I joined races outside of Cebu City, even going home to Bohol to run, but most memorable were the times that I finished a number of 21-kilometer races. Unfortunately, I was not able to join a full marathon and ended my running when I suffered a torn achilles tendon forcing me to shift to brisk walking after more than ten (10) years of active distance running.

How  were you able to do running despite your work, as a lawyer, law professor, and during your early years as an RTC judge?

Justice Gabby: The answer is simple.  Self-discipline.

What motivated me to discipline myself is what I learned from my seminary days.  “Mens sana in corpore sano.”  A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Discipline means waking up early or finding time to do practice runs and take rest when necessary; knowing your pace and mastering, if possible, the necessary arts of nutrition and fluid replacement.

What is your message for those who are starting with the sport and those who are joining the 1st law and justice virtual run?

Justice Gabby: On the day of the run shepherd your energy and run at your own pace. At water stations, walk while you drink to make sure you get enough fluid.  As your run progresses keep aware of how you feel. Listen to your body and yourself.  Be patient and do not be carried away by others because sometime along your run you will realize you have passed other runners not so much because you increase your speed, but because they slowed down.  

According to a Zen proverb: “Just move and the way will open.”

Always remember that it is not about winning, but enjoying the time finishing the race.   “It’s not your finishing that’s important but the kind of time you have finishing” (Art Castellano, Director of New Jersey Marathon).

Always keep in mind, “it is not the mountain or the distance we conquer but ourselves” (Edmund Hillary).  “Just finishing will have a profound effect on your confidence and self-esteem” (Henry Gibble).

See you all at the finish line! Enjoy your run!


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