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The other side of coronavirus

BUTUAN City–As I write this piece, panic  over the Wuhan coronavirus has spread like the Australian wildfires — global as it were.

The truth of the matter  is that  Wuhan coronavirus have  a low fatality rate, and most patients make full recoveries.

Therefore global  panic  at this point is unproductive and unwarranted because, for all we must know, the other side of  the coin is yet  to be told.

And experts  say that for the most part,  social media has failed to do its share  along this line.

For the record, the  fifth coronavirus-infected patient was cured in Beijing and discharged from the hospital on Jan. 30, 2020.

Many patients with coronavirus have already made full recoveries.

According to Chinese officials, most of those who died were elderly,  or had other ailments that compromised their immune systems.

Perhaps  what is most urgent now is  public awareness, not public panic.

People should take precautions to avoid getting sick, but the most effective preventative measures are everyday actions like increased handwashing and proper diet.

At this age of fake news, a united front in informing and educating the general public is urgently needed —to paint the  real score  on  the reported  presence of the novel CoronaVirus in the country.

To defuse that unwarranted tension, social media should be more circumspect in spreading false information that would only cause confusion and panic.

A campaign should focus more on the prevention rather than creating confusion.

Just observe basic hygiene like washing of hands thoroughly to avoid contracting the virus.
Simple as that.

That said,  public is urged not to believe everything they see in social media. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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