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The Numock’s Music On The Rise on Facebook and Youtube

Q & A with Joquezelle & Jasper Numock


Last of 2 parts

The couple, Jasper and Joquezelle Numock from General Santos City, have started doing covers during the pandemic. It started very slow according to Jasper and it was even very hard to reach six-digit views. But they persevered because their dreams are bigger than discouragements they faced while doing covers.

Now the Numock’s music is becoming a hit in the hearts of their Filipino fans around the world. With their active and strong 328,000 plus followers and millions of silent viewers, they have high hopes to reach their dreams. At the end of this year, Jasper and Joque aim to reach half million Facebook followers and 100,000 Youtube subscribers. Good luck to you guys!!  

Here’s the continuation of the virtual interview:

Joel: I am a follower of The Dons Band where I first saw you, then I heard about Don Petok. Did you own that band?

Jasper: Yes sir, I founded the Dons Band during the pandemic. In that time. I belong to the Jariah Band with BJ and Charlotte of Sweet Notes. Nagkawatak-watak ang grupo namin and they founded their own couple band, then I also founded mine. (Our band was disbanded and they founded their own band.)

Joel: Oh really, I feel sorry for the disbandment of your first group. Well, I am a fan of the Dons. I remember that one of your vocalists before, the chubby lady, sang a Tagalog song and it became viral on Youtube. What was that song? I forgot haha!

Joquezelle: “Labis Na Nasaktan,” sir.

Joel: That’s it! “Labis na Nasaktan.” And it was followed by another viral. This time sang by another male chubby vocalist. “She’s Gone, right? Whose that singer again?

Jasper: Tonton sir!  

Joel: Okay, so going back to the two of you, May I ask when did you sing together?

Joquezelle: During the pandemic sir we did nothing because that time almost all were closed, so we decided to perform in the house for the online audience.

Joel: So, the two of you have been singing together since the pandemic. But you’re not yet celebrities that time.

Jasper: Yeah, hindi pa po kami kilala that time. Hirap na hirap talaga kaming maka six digit sa views namin. (Yeah, we are not yet known on that time. We are even having a hard time reaching the six-digit views on our videos)

Joel: But now, look where you are. You’re starting to become instant celebrities because of these viral songs you have now reaching millions of views. What did you think made you stand out from the rest of the millions of Facebook wannabes?

Jasper: Talagang sinwerte lang sir. (We are just lucky)
Joquezelle. We really did not expect that our covers are now becoming viral hits on Facebook. We just sing together.

Joel: But I think what made you unique from the rest is that Joquezelle carries a baby while singing, and the baby always sleeps well and really felt she was being taken cared of with so much love, right? Then secondly, your blending made it work for the 328,000 plus followers and millions of silent viewers. I really thought that the baby is your gem. She’s the answered prayers to what you’ve been longing for to become known and noticed in the industry you belong. So keep carrying the baby, haha. Maintain that because that’s what made you unique and stand out from the rest.

Joquezelle: Talagang nakakatulong sa pagsikat namin si baby na palagi kong kanlong kanlong habang nagka-covers kami. Kung wala kasi si baby ay hinahanap siya ng fans namin. Parang nami-miss nila si Baby namin. (It really helps us got discovered on social media so easily. We do covers while I was carrying our baby. If our baby is not around, the fans are asking us where Baby Kaia is. It seems they are missing Kaia)
Jasper: Sometimes when we sing together people would ask us “oh where’s your baby?”


Joel: Okay, now let’s talk about lovelife. Jasper where did you meet Joque? Does music becomes your rendezvous where you often saw the pretty Joque of your life haha?

Jasper: Actually sa wedding sir. Kinuha ako ng banda nuon ng wify ko as keyboardist. Si Joque meron din siyang grupo nun. May gig po sila noon at hindi available and keyboardist nila. (Actually on a wedding gig. They hired me as their keyboardist. Joque has also her own band. They have a gig that time and their keyboardist was not available, so they hired me.
Joquezelle: That time po sir wala kaming keyboardist nag-hire kami para sa wedding gig po namin. (That time we don’t have a keyboardist so we hired for that wedding gig)

Joel: oh, that’s where the naughty Cupid put his arrow haha. What a timing for the two souls to meet together and found they have loved each other hahaha.

Joquezelle: Nag friends muna kami sir and that friendship has blossomed into something hehe. (We started as friends and that friendship has blossomed into something.)

Joel: But during that wedding gig Jasper ay nasulyapan mo ang kagandahan ni Joque, nasabi mo bang “Ito na ang babaeng pakakasalan ko at isama habambuhay, hahaha. (But during that time Jasper you were able to see firsthand that Joque was beautiful and charming. Did you say to yourself, this is the girl I want to marry.)

Jasper: (laughing) Siya sir ang laging pasulyap sa akin at ang sama ng tingin nya halos matutunaw po ako hahaha! Tapos ang sarap ng mga ngiti nya nakakabighani (laughing again) (She’s the one flirting on me sir and everytime she looked and smiled at me I feel heaven)

Joel: Aw haha. Sabagay. If member ka ng isang banda at lalaki ka, marami talagng mga kababaihan ang mahuhumaling sa’yo, hahaha. (Well, if you are a band member, I’m sure girls are attracted on you.)

Jasper: Ganyan talaga sir haha. Isa na riyan ay si Joque! (laughing again) That’s it. You got it right, sir (laughing)

The lovely couple, Jas and Joque, may have been ordinary voices in the music industry but they have this “something more” that made them stand out from the rest of the millions of Facebook wannabe singers and streamers. Gotta discover this “something more”?, follow them on Facebook and also subscribe to their Youtube Channel. ###

This story is an entry to COMCO Mundo’s “UNMASKED:The COMCO Mundo Write to Ignite Season 3.” The initiative aims to pull and collate powerful Stories from the Philippines blogging communities. “UNMASKED” aims to explore how each mask is a person brimming with hope and wonders to share with others, as well as why it is important to tell their inspiring journeys in life. The “Write to Ignite” Season 3 is made possible by COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, with Airasia, Babyflo, PHILUSA Corporation, Century Tuna, Licealiz, Lamoiyan Corporation, Remy Martin, and Uratex Monoblock as brand sponsors.


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