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by Ruffy Magbanua
MDN Deputy Editor In Chief

THE prime mover of Mindanao Daily News Network (MDNN) has underscored the need to embrace the age of digital media in this era of pandemic and disturbed global peace as it celebrate its first year as the newest socmed platform in town.

A year after Sudaria launched the Mindanao Daily News Network (MDNN), the newest socmed platform in Cagayan de Oro has recorded a one million mark of FB and online followers — and counting.

THE MDNN STUDIO. One of the major innovations made by Publisher/CEO Dante M. Sudaria is the creation of an MDNN Studio, which now caters to various Teleradyo programs. Sudaria did not only venture into the traditional newspapering industry, but now a major player in running a semi-television network with live programs seen on social media platforms. MDNN now airs different teleradio programs airing LIVE on different schedules.


MDNN’s Chief Architect Dante M. Sudaria has laid down a grand expansion plan ahead of MDNN’s first year initial run, aiming to cover the whole of Mindanao soon on a global scale.

As front runner of digital platform, he undescored the discerning use of socmed as a medium of positive vibes.

Sudaria stressed however the important role of social media but cautioned influencers to be circumspect in posting messages in this era of digital age.

THE VISIONARY. Mindanao Daily News Publishing Corporation President & CEO Dante M. Sudaria is the man behind the creation of Mindanao Daily, a newspaper that circulates daily in the whole island of Mindanao for more than a decade. Aside from Mindanao Daily, the Sudaria Group of Companies also owns Business Week Mindanao that caters to business and the lifestyle edition newspaper, The Metro CDO Times.

Sudaria notes that the widespread misinformation brought about by the emergence of social media has developed fringe conspiracy theories and even doctored images to influence political and social views.

Socmed as a communication tool has cemented its role in socialization, making the sharing and interaction of people with an internet connection easy and fast, yet the responsbility to give the truth to the general public is paramount particularly this time of pandemic and global uncertainties. Sudaria said.

With the rise of the internet, we can now connect to anyone on a global scale and this has led to the rise of a multitude of internet subcultures where we can get together and associate with our own circle of friends, supporters and followers, he explained.

We can not only be the consumers of information but also become instant information producers, Sudaria said.

Sharing news, thoughts and opinions to a global audience through the internet is no longer something only for the rich and the powerful.

Anyone with an FB and Twitter accounts can communicate on a global reach, Sudaria said.

In the era of blogs, social media and instant communication, disseminating information is never-ending, and anyone with an internet connection can now have their beliefs and opinions posted on facebook and twitter unedited, he said.

Sudaria however said that the absence of media gatekeepers has allowed social media influencers to become not just information consumers, but also information producers.

Thanks to news apps, Twitter, etc., news spreads faster than ever. We no longer need to wait until the 6pm news to access the latest news in town, he said.

He further said that the old mainstream media has important editing gatekeepers to maintain quality and authenticity of information.

Published information is parsed by editors and producers to ensure it is true, timely and accurate.

By contrast, the new media can be produced and disseminated by anyone with an internet connection, without necessarily following journalism ethics and editing protocols.

That is the downside of the new media, he added. -30-

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