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The Luzon quake

ROCKINGHAM, North Carolina—Before anything else, allow me to extend my sympathy to the thousands, even millions of Filipinos in northern Luzon who were affected by Tuesday’s earthquake. As I wrote this, there were at least four dead and 60 injured by the Luzon quake which came a day after President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. delivered his first national address.

Of course we won’t give any meaning to this since quakes, by their very nature, can happen anytime when people least expect it. As we say in Visayan ‘way maayong lake kon naay linog (literally translates to men losing their bluster and swagger when faced with an earthquake). At any rate, we hope the national government speedily addresses the plight of the families badly hit by the Tuesday quake and that local governments extend bayanihan through whatever assistance they can spare to them. 


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