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TFBM discusses rehab plan with MAA stakeholders

In total, TFBM has held 30 focus group discussions and dialogues with over 980 MAA stakeholders regarding the topic.

Through the activity, TFBM creates a platform wherein they can listen and discuss with stakeholders the rehabilitation plan and consider their comments and suggestions on it.

Some of the matters discussed were issues on land, infrastructure to be constructed and their location and specifications, and identifying areas with high cultural and religious value.

Initial agreements

During the forum, TFBM Assistant Secretary Felix Castro Jr. presented some of the initial agreements made throughout the series of consultation.

For the debris clearing, all structures will be assessed. Should an unsound private structure be recommended for clearing, barangay captains will be notified, who in turn will inform the owner.

Roads will be widened to ease traffic in the area. Also, legal easements will be upheld in the Agus River and Lake Lanao promenade.

Water, electricity and telecommunication lines will be placed underground while waste and water sewerage systems’ locations are yet to be determined through further consultations.

Historical sites, port facilities, multi-transport hub and a memorial site will be reconstructed. The grand central market will be rebuilt in the same location, but there is a need to decongest the area.

For the cultural center and site for living traditions, designs will be distinctly Maranao. The task force vows to be culturally and religiously sensitive in every aspect of the rehabilitation; they are in continuous consultation with the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.

Proposed plans and suggestions under further consultations

TFBM is still reviewing other projects such as reconstruction of public schools and construction of barangay halls with Madrasahs and health centers. These proposed plans are being consulted with the Marawi City government and Department of Education.

Other proposed infrastructures include a meeting and convention center, hospital facility and commercial center. Although not part of the rehabilitation minimum requirements, TFBM will still look into the need of the area for it.

Stakeholders also suggest the construction of an administrative office and sports complex, installation of traffic lights and solar farming facility, additional masjids and small markets, rebuilding Rizal park and renovation of public cemeteries.


TFBM Assistant Secretary Felix Castro Jr. discusses the MAA consultation findings (photo: James Umaran)


Response to other issues and concerns

TFBM clarifies that all construction will be on public land, however private lands that will be affected by the developments will be given a just compensation through a bill that is being pursued by a congressman from Lanao del Sur.

Meanwhile, Mayor Majul Gandamra said that they are planning to create a subcommittee or board that will address land issues.

The task force will do their best to ensure that there will be transparency throughout the rehabilitation period. They will continue to conduct dialogues with the affected communities.

MAA stakeholders expressed their intent to return immediately to the area, however the task force couldn’t permit them.

As much as we would like that everybody could go inside MAA to construct their respective houses and buildings, we can’t allow that, TFBM Chairperson Sec. Eduardo Del Rosario said.

He explained that they need at least 18 months lead time for the developers to undertake the horizontal development.

After 18 months and we feel the developers are ready to allow you to construct your private houses and buildings, then we will do so, provided that you will be requesting the city government for building permits, Del Rosario added.(JPFSoriano/PIA ICCC)


A MAA stakeholder raises his concern about the proposed MAA rehabilitation plan (photo: James Umaran)

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