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Suspect in beheading tries to disarm police, shot dead

CAGAYAN de Oro City–The 23-year-old suspect in the beheading of an unidentified woman in the municipal town of Talisayan  in Misamis Oriental was shot dead while attempting to disarm the police escorts.

Loyd Supera Bactong, reportedly tried to grab the side arm of the police escort while on their way back to Talisayan after an inquest in the regional court here Friday.

Lt. Col. Mardi Hortilloza, the spokesman of the regional police in Camp Alagar here said that said that the police patrol car has a flat tire on their way home midway in the town of Jasaan prompting the police to alight and fix the tire.

Hortilloza said that the suspect reportedly grabbed the sidearm of one of the police escorts after the handcuffed was unlocked to allow the suspect to relieve himself.

The hands of the suspect were handcuffed in the back, but the handcuffed was unlocked to be transferred to the front allowing when the incident took place.

Hortilloza said that the police and the suspect grappled for the gun, attracting the attention of the two other police escorts who were fixing the flat tire.

He said that the suspect reportedly succeeded in disarming the escort and fired the gun prompting the other police escorts to fire back.

Luckily, the police was not hit, but the suspect sustained a gunshot wound in the shoulder and three other gunshots on then breast.


Hortilloza said that the police brought the suspect to the Jassan Community Hospital, but the attending physician declared him dead on arrival.

To recall, the suspect beheaded a woman in Talisayan Thursday for unknown reason and dumped the headless body near the town’s cemetery.

Police said that the law enforcers immediately search for the suspect after a resident reported the headless body Thursday morning.

Police investigators located the suspect’s whereabouts while allegedly in the act of “consuming” the brain of the victim.

The suspect reportedly confessed to beheading the unidentified woman after he was allegedly angry of the woman for speaking “English.”

The suspect then informed the police of the location of the severed head whose brain was already taken out.

Until now, the identity of the victim remains unknown since nobody has claimed the cadaver while no relative of the suspect has come out.

Provincial governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano has ordered a complete background check of the suspect to determine the motive of the beheading and to identify the family of the suspect.

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