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Son Orders Burning of ‘Ma’ in Cultist Ritual

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY: A cultist family threw an 84-year-old grandma to a blazing inferno in a “death ritual” that sent shocked and outraged to the people of Misamis Oriental.

Teofila Cabusas, 84, a grandmother, died a day after she was rushed to a hospital here with severe burns on her face and various parts of her body.

Police investigators on Tuesday charged 15 members of the family with parricide after the grandchildren turned state witness while pointing to the victim’s son responsible for the burning of the Octogenarian matriarch.

The principal suspect identified as Crisanto Ercilla Cabusas, 29, the alleged cult leader reportedly ordered his uncles, in-laws, sisters and nephews to burn his mother to death on a bon fire.

Police said that Cabusas and 14 other family members were rounded up on complaints of tne victim’s grandchildren.

Maj. Teodoro De Oro, the town police chief Balingasag in Misamis Oriental, identified the 14 other suspects as Nicolas Camongay Cabusas, Reymar Carlo Cabosas, Charlie Cabusas, Rayna Cabusas, 49, Jocelyn Cabusas, and Romeo Cabusas Ercilla.

At large were Rosalinda and Merlinda Cabusas, Jesee and Giselle Ercilla.

De Oro said that the incident took place in Baliwagan, a remote village of Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, 50 kilomters east of here on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022.

Initial investigation disclosed that the suspects led by Crisanto Cabusas danced around the fire as they stamped their foot while chanting ineligible words.

“It was in the middle of the ritual that Crisanto Cabusas reportedly ordered to throw the matriarch on fire bexause of her sins,” De Oro said.

He said that nonody dare to disobey because Cabusas threatens anyone who disobey with bodily harm until one of the grandchildren managed to escape to seek police assistance.


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