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Some political notes this Lenten break

PRESIDENT Duterte’s no. 1 nemesis,  Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV is a political idiot like no other.  He throws rubbish exposes and nonsense political grandstanding  delivered in the halls of Congress with nothing but a waste of people’s money.

With his swollen balls, Trillanes   continues to attack the President  by accusing him of various anomalies, none of which could satisfy a public outcry that could lead to a coup d’etat, or military takeover.

Another good for nothing senator  is Riza Hontiveros.   Her constant attacks against Duterte’s drug war  is a monotonous media hype,  as if it has done nothing good at all for the country.

Agot Isidro, a self-styled celebrity has called the President a psychopath.   Likewise,  Jim Paredes, who got the ire of not sitting beside an airline co-passenger wearing a DU30 shirt never said anything good for the President.  

His latest social media exposure doing something to satisfy his earthly desire speaks for his true persona – dirty old man masquerading as forerunner of his own understanding of morality and good governance.

 Agot and Paredes  continue to exercise their constitutional right to be the nations’  leading idiots and enjoyed their freedom to be stupid.

Detained Senator and sex-starved De Lima  had  claimed to be the fiercest political enemy of the President.

 Calling the President a cold blood killer of his own people, De Lima hurled insults against Duterte and accused him of being behind the EJK’s in the country.

De Lima enjoys by  her lonesome at the PNP Custodial Center for drug charges but continues to badmouth the President even behind bars.              

And here comes the religious sector which has been using school  children to mock and ridicule the President carrying placards with words like murderer, plunderer, corrupt   —  a display of arrogance and defiance.

This so-called bastion of Christianity have the balls  to brand the Duterte administration as immoral. Even to the extent of praying to high heavens for Duterte’s  downfall.   They keep on ringing   church bells as if this country is possessed with evil spirits.  

Those who plan to oust the President clearly undermines the will of the majority of the Filipino people.

Such act threatens the very foundation of democracy for which our country is built upon.  The writings   on the wall are very clear.    

Is  the country  heading toward a dictatorship akin to that of the Marcos regime?

Obviously, this allegation is not shared by the overwhelming majority of the Filipinos. Duterte still  enjoys an approval rating of 84 percent with less than 10 percent dissatisfied.   

What is going on in this country is the Yellow’s  grand design to oust a Mindanaoan President.  

To all the political nemesis  of Duterte,  good luck. And to all psychopaths and misfits in government, your days are numbered. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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