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Save Mother Earth, Be Rooted with the Unseen Being

Kim’s Dream Orlan Ravanera
Pope Francis: Climate Change – “A Sin Against God”

It has been the opinion of great contemporaneous spiritual leaders that the species called the Homo Sapiens (human being) is the most flawed of all of God’s creation having killed its own kind of about 200 million human beings in one century alone (19 th hundred) out of two world wars, the cleansing of Hitler and Pol Pot, Stalinism, Maoism and the Vietnam War, among others. Humanity continues to suffer from collective insanity advancing unbridled materialism and consumerism amidst spiritual denigration where the instant pursuit of wealth, fame and power is the priority based on a flawed dictum called “survival of the fittest.” Worse, the homo sapiens has put the earth in a cataclysmic state as the present development paradigm is sacrificing mother Earth to the altar of greed and power.

Noam Chomsky, described by New York Times as “the most important intellectual alive, described that the plight of human civilization as “racing towards the precipice.” The doomsday clock of Mother Earth was set to at two and a half minutes before midnight. The cause: the disbelief in the scientific consensus over climate change by all governments, the mainstream media and religious groups.” Indeed, the conscious refusal of the dominant players – governments, corporations and the media – to act with purpose helps to answer the questions, “where is the human outcry for earth’s life-support? Why have we failed to seize control of our survival?”

Pope Francis in his Encyclical Letter – which was back by al the major faiths – referred to climate change as “a sin against God.” Recently, Queen Elizabeth was so furious blaming governments’ inaction against climate change stating that “there should be legal action against governments for the crime of omission to protect the right to life of their populations. Apparent is the ongoing political and media efforts to suppress climate change as a crisis: by denial, by under-reporting solutions to it.”

Indeed, it is an unprecedented crime against humanity as the contemporaneous development paradigm called neo-liberal capitalism being advanced by corporate globalization continuously sacrifices Mother Earth and humanity to the altar of greed and profit. We are now in the 22 nd year of the 21 st century but we do not know whether we will reach the 22 nd century which is only 78 years from now. Every day, a thousand hectares of the 386-meter high iceberg are melting in the Arctic and the Antarctic that is giving rise to the ocean level. The Philippines now has some 7,100 islands but according to environmentalists, there will just be 3,000 islands fifty years from now. Some 100 species of flora and fauna are becoming extinct everyday due to climate change as billions have already become extinct. This is especially true in our country which has been considered by FAO as the richest on earth with regards to biodiversity but have been erased from the face of the earth as we have lost the 17 million hectares of dipterocarp forest in just a century due to massive illegal logging. Don’t you know that the number of flora and fauna found in just 5,000 hectare-Mt. Kitanglad Range is far greater compared to those found in one billion- hectare continent of North America?

Worse through the Anthropocene, with the Greek roots meaning “human-made” (anthropo) and “new” (cene), Gaia (Mother Earth) is now facing its 6 th extinction, that is, if this species will continue its collective insanity through the egoic chattering mind. But the wind of change is now hovering through the looming of an awakening consciousness. Human BEING is more than form but an eternal formless Being that is pure consciousness that has been there prior to being a form (body). It is the teaching of all major religions that there is someone coming to liberate us and all the while, we have been waiting. The truth is, what we have been waiting for is really that consciousness that is inherent in every one of us, our spiritual awakening – the Stillness that is our essential nature. Feel that stillness and oneness with all things and you become Spiritus Luminus (enlightened spirit) and be transformed into homo pacem (men and women for peace).

There is now an on-going shift toward collective consciousness and spirituality of all people of the world that must now heal the wounds of GAIA and those of Her children, damaged all these years through false religions and western development materialistic and consumerist paradigm that sacrificed the people and the ecosystems to the altar of greed and profit, controlled by the egoic mind. Free yourself from over thinking. Feel life deep within and connect with the Innermost Being called God! Indeed, time is just an illusion. What matters is the Now. Time doesn’t exist at all for life continues here and beyond. And when love is in one’s heart, time and space have no meaning for love transcends everything. Not even death can have power over that supreme force in the universe as the beloved is always carried in one’s heart, in one’s inner consciousness – forever!

In fact, the awakening process has now begun with the looming of new consciousness that is now dawning to bring forth a new earth and a new heaven. It is a kind of spiritual awakening that is effecting an inner transformation that a human being is more than form or body. Each one of us is consciousness (spirit) prior to taking a form (body). Spirit is eternal, body is just transient. As spiritual consciousness is now pervading, a human being as a Being must be rooted to the Unseen Being, the Source of all life where all life emanate. . When that happens, each one of us will feel the oneness and inter-connected of all of God’s creation, then, we will be connected to a universal intelligence. When that happens, the awakened human being will leap to that transcendental dimension which will be a great leap forward to the evolutionary growth of humanity. Each one of us should dive deep within to know who truly we are: not just a drop in the ocean but an ocean in one drop. Then Jesus pronouncement will be understood, “That the kingdom of heaven is within us.” Feel the Stillness and Spaciousness deep within to know who truly you are. Then, you will know who truly you are being eternal and being life itself. Thus be rooted with the Unseen Being and feel that oneness with all of God’s creation which is true love.


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