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“Saliklakbay” Goes to NCR to Promote Grassroots Innovations

Fulfilling the goals of escalating the Grassroots Innovations for Inclusive Development (GRIND) Program at the national level, the Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme in the Philippines (UNDP PH) and DOST – National Capital Region (NCR) conducted a SalikLakbay Solutions Mapping Trainer’s Training and Immersion on October 25-28, 2022 in the 3 cities of Metro Manila: Quezon City, Pasig City, and Pasay City.

“SalikLakbay” is a mapping adventure derived from a combination of the words ‘Saliksik’ (to explore/ research) and ‘Lakbay’ (to journey/go on an adventure).

The activity was conducted under the project entitled “Accelerating the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) through Circular Economy in Cities (CLIMATE ACE).” The project aims to promote Grassroots Innovation (GI) as a method for promoting a circular economy, particularly by supporting informal innovators and entrepreneurs, especially women, in upscaling their innovations and enterprises.

The first part of the series of activities was the GRIND SalikLakbay Solutions Trainer’s Training which was conducted with DOST XI’s pentahelix partners from the academe, government, industry, civil society organization, and media.

After the Trainer’s Training, a series of SalikLakbay Solutions Mapping Immersions were conducted focusing on the GIs emanating from the urban poor areas of Quezon, Pasig, and Pasay City, NCR.

The overall objective of the SalikLakbay Solutions Mapping Trainer’s Training and Immersion in the three cities of Metro Manila is to capacitate partner agencies and institutions on the SalikLakbay Solutions Mapping Methodology, identify GIs and assess the needs and possible S&T interventions with regards to the specific challenges in the community. The participants identified GIs in the form of insight, practice, solution, or prototype. They also assessed the needs of the GIs for possible S&T interventions and identified market opportunities of the GIs, if applicable.

The DOST XI Regional Director, Dr. Anthony Sales, hopes that the training and series of immersions conducted will be valuable to empower grassroots communities and expand the realm of the GRIND Program towards sustainable and inclusive development.


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