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Russia claims developing “first” coronavirus vaccine

RUSSIA (MDN International News Service) – No less than Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that his country developed the ‘first vaccine’ against the deadly coronavirus disease.

The new development is considered by President Putin as a proof of its excellence in scientific reseach. Russia is said to be the first to grant regulatory approval to the new vaccine after several months of human testing.

The recent discovery of this covid-19 vaccine, the president said, highlights the country’s strong determination to win aginst hundreds of countries of the world that join the race to developed a safe and fit for human vaccine.

Putin announced the new vaccine was developed by Gamaleya Institute “was safe and his daughter was even among the first to have tested the vaccine.

“I know that it works quite effectively, forms strong immunity, and I repeat, it has passed all the needed checks,” confirms Putin, adding his daughter was among those who was tested of the vaccine.

The discovery and confirmation of the vaccine to be effective paves the way for the injection of the vaccine to all Russians. This, even if the final stage of the clinical trials to test for safety and effectiveness is still ongoing.
Putin said that he is hoping the country would start mass production of the vaccine and distributed right away to all Russians.

But the approval of the Health Ministry, clearly signals the president’s strong support of the vaccine. This, even as there are other vaccines being developed in Russia.

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