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Rufus: Alam Lim’s nightmare

THE wide margin of votes said it all: Alam Lim, a political novice openly
endorsed by no less President Duterte was no match running against Rufus
Rodriguez, a doyen and stage veteran in the halls of Congress.

Notwithstanding Alam Lim’s unlimited resources, the overwhelming fire
of support of Cagay-anons had flickered constantly on the side of
comebacking Rufus who suffered dismal defeat against the well-entrenched
Oscar Moreno in his mayoral bid in 2016 national elections.

Lest I can be misconstrued, my warm openness and kind words to
Rufus has nothing to do with politics, nor the old friendship, or the stories I
had prepared for him during his early days as the emerging Cagayan de Oro
leader, or my intimate association I have had with the Rodriguez’ family.

I speak from the heart as a taxpayer and a law abiding citizen who have
long embraced this city as my second home.

During his stint in Congress, Rufus has bannered the name Cagayan de
Oro and Mindanao for that matter with pride, spontaneity and clarity of
purpose. Every time Rufus occupies the lectern, the name Rodriquez takes the
front page the next day.

There is no debate therefore that Rufus, long regarded as media darling,
has been – and will always be — a good copy for both the local and national
press, the international media included.

With due respect to the previous house representatives that we have
had, Rufus has outshined them all – in terms of eloquence, relevance and pro-
active leadership, to the many significant house bills sponsored and authored,
and to the billions of peso worth of infrastructure projects implemented in
the city.

To some, Rufus may not be the perfect ideal of a leader, but if we have to
weigh-in closely , Rufus has got the sterling edge — brain and heart combined,
and the needed stamina to work 24/7.

There is no denying the fact that in this era of global competitiveness,
Cagayan de Oro has no reason to remain status quo. The city has to take the
road most travelled if it has to catch up with other booming cities like Davao
and Cebu.

To realize this journey, we need a dynamic leader with nothing in mind
but a clear vision and political will to leapfrog Cagayan de Oro into becoming a
metropolitan city livable to all – rich or poor.

Rufus has still that fervor shining high on him to serve this city with
utmost dedication, sincerity and transparency under its HEED agenda: Health,
Education, Employment and Dwelling. 

As envisioned, his program of government for the city will eventually
lead to a sustainable and inclusive growth down to the grassroots.
With the re-entry of Rufus in the halls of Congress, expect his
firepower to make ripples, for and in behalf of his constituents – the people of
Cagayan de Oro in particular, and Mindanao in general.

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