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Robbery Feng Shui!

Nope, this isn’t about feng shui for robbers! But more on how it works against them. Genuine feng shui purges acts of robbery!
Yes in any place: at home, at work, or even government. Here are a few actual cases from personal knowledge or true-to-life stories of how feng shui ferrets out those who steal:
1. Office Boy “Palusot”
Feng shui of an electrical design and engineering company addressed the owner’s headache of an ever truant operations manager. Always on field, never in the office when badly needed. So we placed subject to sit right beside owner with an arowana aquarium divider to boot. After a year, owner was satisfied that truancy was reduced if not eliminated. But recently in a feng shui maintenance tune up, owner revealed “success”! Why? Subject resigned! Why? Kept at bay not to leave office, subject turned to absences! Owner pressed for valid medical certifications, to no avail for subject that he quit!
Where’s the catch? Upon examining the office computer of resigned subject for file clean up and turnover to successor, lo and behold, the grisly crime of corporate theft was exposed!
Owner shows me almost a ream of printed billings worth over Php 3 million.
But those billings were for the private company of resigned subject. This points out to the fact that truant “Boy Palusot” was holding office within owner’s office in a conflict of interest mode, doing the same business and lo!, even competing and subverting some clients, todate a minor patron has been pirated by that subject!

So there! Damage control done as feng shui purges evil doings in a place.
2. Pizza Parlor Cashier
In eary 90s, a pizza parlor asked me to feng shui their Ortigas Avenue franchised outlet. After putting a windchime bell by the cashier and requiring that it be rang each time a sale is registered, within a month, owner reported:
“Guess what, our cashier was caught embezzling! A busboy was attracted to the sound of the ringing bell and when he looked at the cashier caught her pocketing the payment instead of putting it in the cash register. He reported to me and when I summoned her, she readily confessed. What is worst is that she is our trusted cashier for all these past 8 years! And her total estimated stolen amount regularly over this period is Php 5 million already!”
Case closed, even owner decided to close the store later to enjoy her life.
3.Warehouse Distribution Rela-Thieve
In a southern province, did feng shui to a territory distributor of beer and softdrinks. For five years, consistently, year in year out of feng shui maintenance, owner with their relative, the trusted warehouse manager listened to flying star remedies with instructions that manager execute them.
Yearly, there is a lapse in the implementation of the feng shui cures, one or two will always be not followed though the business being well branded products throve in the markets!
On the sixth year, owner sadly relates how on a holiday, they discovered through an accidental call from their bank, a follow up call on their long overdue credit line. Surprised since they know they owe nothing being up to date in accounts, they investigated and found out that their relative has even set up his own warehouse and doing the same business in the same territory gobbling incremental trades unreported but diverted. Exposure of theft that day: Php 5 million!
Case closed, business closed decidedly (sold off since they didn’t know the extent of inside job collusion with supplier employees), and legal case filed. So much so for a feng shui remedy defiant rela-thief!
4. Yaya Sisterhood
Doing feng shui for a mansion in Cebu, upon reaching the kitchen, advised owner’s daughter: please remove those light diffusers as they signify embezzlements by househelp. Right there I ask her yaya the mayordoma: manang, do you fully return the change when you buy softdrinks? Gosh! Yaya replied addressing the daughter: Eh, maam, twenty pesos lang naman po kaya we just keep the change!… Surprised, daughter grabs calculator and computes! Shows me the total Php 3 million inasmuch as her yaya has been with them for 20 years and daily she asked her to buy softdrinks!
For the love of yaya, charity took the better turn this time!
5. Senate Feng Shui
Doing feng shui for some senatorial offices a few years back, upon passing by the Blue Ribbon Committee office door, to the amazement of some senate staffers, I touched the door logo in prayer. They asked why? I replied, I prayed that this idle committee finally get its duty and work done that year. And lo!…The pork barrel scam went on a rollout!
6. Airline Woes
Rehab feng shui for an air carrier revealed office embezzlements by their lighting fixtures alone. When asked they be removed, corporate audit discovered hefty unauthorized discounts per ticket distributed worldwide, albeit the cause of profit losses all these years. Once plugged, the airline turned around and is in shape to be competitive once more as the country entered the new millenium!
That’s all folks, how feng shui purges bad vibes including thieving personnel or even unreliable, disloyal and sinecure ones!
Yes, feng shui like energy rationalization is akin to Einstein’s quantum theory of rela-thievity in feng shui pun talk! Enjoy catching thieves with feng shui my countrymen, its good for the progress and prosperity of our nation– divided or not! Just do not ask me to feng shui a palace by the Pasig River somewhere Manila lest robber capitalists despair all over the archipelago!

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