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Richgen Philippines, the next generation’s fresh take on business


As the pandemic is on its way out, we return to our personal lives left with an economic fallout. This significant hardship on the otherhand increased engagement of the Filipino citizens to business as part of their financial survival skills.

It is no question that the young are becoming more entrepreneurial turning into game changers of the society.

There’s one community based here in Cagayan de Oro which can actually guide you in upscaling your financial growth. Meet the young (mostly) ladies (and a few gentlemen too!) of Richgen Philippines. The group envisions to build a global community empowering people to enrich themselves not just with wealth but with the skills required to achieve and sustain that.

For the past month, to achieve one of their advocacies, Richgen Philippines has been conducting live events in different cities and online events with their international partners to introduce to the audience the new concept of financial success.

Richgen Philippines is being fronted by three amazing young women who happens to be beauty queens who have embodied success in their youth even outside the pageantry world.

One of the Co-founders and also one of the outstanding young entrepreneurs in her age, Vanessa Dulay, 23, is a recent cum laude nursing graduate from Bukidnon. One of the brains behind the community, known for being competent both in pageantry and in business is Katheryn Guipetacio, 22, an accountancy senior from Xavier University. And the youngest yet one of the most iconic young women in the country, Jimema Tempra, 19, Reigning Miss Philippines Earth-Air, a college sophomore.

Aside from being beauty queens, all three have one commonality – their grit towards turning big dreams into reality . Grounded by the three I’s “INCOME, INFLUENCE & IMPACT” As a way of giving forward, these three ladies have decided to lead Richgen Philippines and share a piece of their success to us.

Now is your chance to take your first step to gain access to one of the fast growing business communities in the country. Learn with them and take action towards your financial goals. After all, it is only you who will decide and take charge of your own success. As the community’s tagline goes “Rich in goals, Rich in mindset”.

Interested? Send a private message in their official facebook page “Richgen Philippines” and make it to the top with them!



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