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Retirement Feng Shui

Do you know a typical retiree no matter how rich upon cashing out of the professional rat race fears only one thing?That is what if the money runs out?As a classmate-friend-client who retired told me why. He humbly admits as brilliant he was in school and career, that money is eventually finite!So as another client asks where do I get money to support my needs after retirement?

Here are some nuggets from the school of hard knocks:
1. Retirement requires skills to manage it.
2. Retirement is an endgame in life’s passages.
3. Retirement is an industry with it’s own playbook.
4. Retirement is a trade by itself, sue generis!
5. Thus from a Feng Shui perspective you have to know the luck harnessing aspects of the trade before you do and enjoy the tricks of the trade into the homestretch and finish line of your game of Life!
Predicated on these premises, retirement is actually endgame Feng Shui portfolio management, and yes, if you reckon, portfolio estate planning and management whether you like it or not. So let’s agree to disagree!!!

So here are Feng Shui tips for retiring:
1. Accept that you are immortal. Prepare for your death. Feng Shui accordingly your burial place or columbary. That’s life? No, not only life, that’s death.
The primary purpose is to rest in peace and ensure good Feng Shui legacy for descendants. The best is to go for 3 generations or 75 years of prosperity Feng Shui. Fraudsters do not know this even if they try hard to fake it! So don’t gamble on this end. The end justifies the means! Begin with your physical end in mind and your spiritual echo thru eternity with a good feng shui burial place.
No wonder Chinese prepare their graves in advance! Just take a trip to nearby Chinese cemetery and see pre-constructed tombs of living owners. The first real memorial plan before the advent of the preneed burial industry!
2. Now that you are not in denial of retirement as your journey from work to death transition after literally working to death in the rat race, this time you do it purposefully! And pursefully not pursefooly in the spirit of fun and intended pun. How? As any great person who died did or the dying ones are actually doing at the moment—-purpose driven to die in your own terms!
As said, control your destiny or someone else will. Once you’re done in grave Feng Shui, you will rest and peace and respond to aging gracefully Feng Shui! Indeed, when you know how to die you learn how to live!!!
3. If spouse still alive, remember always a happy wife or husband makes a happy life. So peg your pursuit of happiness accordingly no more, no less or what are you living for if not for you love storyline! It’s but fair, right and just to consult with your dearest what to do mutually in retirement. Unless there are many others, then multitask strategic planning is a must. Just don’t increase risks of a bust!
4. In doing so you have to level up in using your hard-earned money, ill or well gotten as food for the soul: his and hers, hers and hers, or even his and his! Predicated on honest to goodness good conscience in resource allocation in order to be happy mutually with peace of mind. Never pissed of mind!
Now how to use money as food for the soul let alone gain monies in retirement?
To be continued in next of this series. Meanwhile retire calmly as lively as can be! Great luck awaits in the sparkle in your eyes.

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