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Have Faith in Divine Providence,

Twas his Philosophy, Statement of Faith,

His Mantra with his Beloved God the Father,

Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


And so he lived life trusting fully the ways of God,

in the ebb and flow of life's waters,

ebbing out strongly of every tempest wave,

his faith in God fortified in every tide.


And thus the final splash of life's tide came,

With open hands he welcomed life in bliss eternally,

With God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ

and the Holy Spirit,

To God he uttered, I am ready as he proclaimed:

"I am dying! I feel better."


To God we know he is eternally united now,

In bliss of all life's ebb and flow he won,

the prize of eternal life, his treasured possession,

In God alone his life rests now.


We treasured him in life's journey given us,

We treasure him this moment of uniting with God anew,

Eternally loved as God has loved him,

Eternally entrusted to God who owns him.


We love you Pa in life and in death.

We thank you for all you shared to us.

We treasure your life's witnessing,

Striving to live as you have taught us.


Adieu for now, farewell we bid,

To see once again in eternal embrace.

In God's abode we will surely dwell anew,

savoring eternally God's love and grace.


Walk with God now Pa,

We trust in God's Providence,

As God leads you in Paradise to dwell.


(Sr. Maria Teresa C. Diaz, OND is the third of nine children of Patricio and Lucy Diaz. Patricio passed away on 29 August 2019). 

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