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Ready for Ghost Month?

Every August for Chinese communities worldwide, it’s hungry ghost month!
And the traditional followers have distinctive rituals or behavior to comply lest they be victimized by the “hungry ghosts” living or dead.
It’s all about making peaceful coexistence.
With hungry ghosts in a no harm, no foul quid pro quo way. Or like Passover ritual in the Bible let alone similar to wearing red every Chinese New year Eve! How so? Let’s predicate!
In Passover, people smeared blood outside their main doors to signify their eldest had been slain thus escaping the wrath of Herod’s soldiers. In Chinese New Year, red is worn to also signify blood and being dead to be passed over by their belief in the monster dragon Nien that comes and eats people on new year’s eve !
Thus red became not only a symbol of love but luck. And in history that’s how people prepared in their rituals. Now for ghost month, the belief is the dead in hell who can’t accept their fates are released for a month and are free to roam the world and do what devil may care things like occupy an empty room or place or possess humans!
So a simple ritual peace offering similar to Passover or wearing red is done by putting outside beside the main door of a home or business establishment a saucer or paper plate of sticky rice cake (Biko or suman) with candies and incense joss sticks offering
This is so prevalent in Asia that during ghost month, you see these outside restaurants, shops even barbershops and homes from condos to single detached houses!
Also never step or tamper or get a candy.
It’s also similar to trick or treat during Halloween except that the ritual of giving these offerings is done daily for whole Chinese ghost month of August and not just for a day.
For guys who pee on the streets, never pee on these offerings even if drunk!
So there be ready to respect these phenomenon and if you are Chinese Feng Shui wannabe follower, simply follow this ritual daily for the month of August as an awghost or rather August thing to do to avoid the evils of hungry ghosts especially in income generation and live life. Be careful is the mantra to keep in heart and mind. Also never wear red as it is hated by hungry ghosts.

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