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Raising the bar of business assertiveness

THE  first ever Philippine Industrial Summit has put  premium in raising the bar of business assertiveness in  the industrial sector.


Kodus to   PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority Administrator and CEO,  Lawyer Franklin Quijano who took the lead of placing Mindanao  in the pedestal of   industrial  revolution. 


That said, the four day industrial convergence  which will culminate with a job fair at the USTP campus today had opened up opportunities among  key players and champions of industry, both from the local and global fronts.


Indeed the summit has kick-started in pushing the region forward to the next level of economic progress.


Through the years, there never was enough economic development in Mindanao  basically  aimed at improving  infrastructure, enhance connectivity and ensure balanced economic activity alongside other growth centers in the country.


 As closely observed, captains of industries  has unlocked in unison their power to fuel Mindanao as the next mecca of industrial development  in three key areas of economic growth.


First, make Mindanao globally competitive by improving connectivity and access to local and global markets.


Second, invest in manufacturing, agriculture, electronics,  tech voc and other business related  programs   that will propel Mindanao’s march to sustainable socio-economic development.


And third,   make Mindanao globally-competitive through the placements  of advanced technologies and trends by luring   drivers of   industries to  locate permanently their investments in Mindanao.


The challenge is now up for Mindanao — to pursue socio-economic development initiatives through the four development corridors: Northern Mindanao Development Corridor, Southern Mindanao Development Corridor, Western Mindanao Development Corridor, and the Bangsamoro Development Corridor.


These growth corridors are perceived as it were to provide  greater access and connectivity that can reduce transportation costs, raise the level of income, provide job opportunities and improve the competitiveness of farmers and producers alike.


Moreover, global industries that would generate jobs and infra projects  consisting of ports and airports improvements, inter-regional and intermodal roads, bridges, and roll-on, roll-off shipping facilities, among others are expected to highlight the last three years of the Duterte administration. 


On one hand, the economic agenda and policies of the government viz-a-viz its build, build, build infrastructure mantra must be sustained for job creation and  opportunities for the country in particular, and the island of Mindanao in general.


Easier said, but it can be done.  What we need is political will. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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