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PurpleBug’s “UpDog Adventures” reaches new milestone

Good news to the gamers and gaming enthusiasts! PurpleBugs’s mobile gaming app for both Android and Apple users called UpDog Adventures has already exceeded more than 25,000 downloads!

UpDog Adventures is a simple, yet fun and addictive vertical scrolling game with exciting gameplay. In order to help Cedric reach outer space, players need to catch power-ups while avoiding obstacles to increase their scores. They also have to watch out for aliens, spaceships, and celestial objects! 

Meet the UpDog Characters!

  •  CEDRIC THE DOG – Cedric is the community’s dog. He provides the community happiness and amusement in exchange for the kindness the people of the neighborhood give to him. Cedric possesses a great skill when it comes to flying. Whenever he consumes his favorite combo of the hotdog in a bun and broccoli, he tends to fly with supreme eagerness. In addition, he also has a habit of displaying intense emotions when he chomps on a special pumpkin pie and a bone-shaped butter cookie.
  •  JOSH THE CAT – Josh is the community’s grumpy stray cat. Unlike Cedric, he eats scraps and nobody takes care of him, which resulted in his despise and loathe towards Cedric. Alongside his partner in crime, the Eagle, they try to ward off Cedric from the ration of food given by the community people.
  •  MARK – Mark is your typical boy-next-door. The type of person who eagerly greets anyone who passes his way. He currently works as a website developer in the community prominent digital marketing agency. On his spare time, he tends to play several video games. But when Cedric became the community’s dog, Mark dedicated his spare time not only on playing video games, but also making sure that Cedric never goes hungry.
  • GRANNY ALEJANDRA – Granny Alejandra is Cedric’s favorite person in the community.  She never fails to take care of him especially those times when Cedric needed someone. In her younger days, Granny spent most of her time dancing, and eventually became a famous ballerina. Now, she devotes her time reading books, cooking, watching soap operas, and taking good care of Cedric.
  • RONA – Rona is known for her bubbly and pleasing personality. That’s why most of the community people pay her a visit to change their hairstyles. With her charms, she became the most likeable person in the community.
  •  NORBERTO THE BAKER. Norberto is the community’s famous baker. He treats Cedric like his son, providing him with the necessities he could ever need. Over time, Cedric grew fond of Mr. Norberto’s favorite meals — the hotdog in a bun and broccoli.

As a 100% Philippines-developed game, we are aiming for UpDog Adventures to become a popular game around the globe, and hopefully join the roster of the Philippines’’ pride, along with the other games we’ve developed. 

We also developed games for kids called Pair It Cedric and UpTown Flashcards. They are fun ways to enhance kids’ memory, decision-making skills, and recognition skills!

About us: PurpleBug is a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that offers 360 degrees digital marketing solutions and online marketing services such as web design services and web development services. Aside from these web solutions, PurpleBug also caters to search engine optimization services, online advertising, social media management services, online PR media, application development services, and other digital marketing solutions for businesses.

In case you want to try the game out, here are the links:

Android: bit.ly/3bxADS5  

iOS: https://apple.co/3eCsD4v

Check this link out for our posters and videos. If by chance you would want to cover this story, you are free to use them:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d7XzIf3-6I8WSBohUaVamqIT3fg55s8v?usp=sharing

It would also be great if you could tag our Facebook page:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UpDogAdventures  

Let us know if there’s anything else we can provide you with. 

Joel Escol
Joel Escolhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_sKdGFs0ewIh9R-iAskDg
Joel Calamba Escol is a journalist in the Philippines for more than 20 years. Currently, he is the Managing Editor of Mindanao Daily News, the biggest and most-widely read newspaper in Southern Philippines. He is also known as Noypi Vlogger in Youtube. You can follow him on the following social networking sites below.
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