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PSA X Conducts 2022 National Survey of Private Firms on awareness of the Philippine Competition Act and the PCC

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in collaboration with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is conducting the 2022 National Survey on the Awareness of Private Firms on the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) and the PCC, otherwise known as the PCC Private Firm Awareness Survey (PPFAS) to determine the level of awareness of its stakeholders on the Philippine Competition Act (PCA), the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), and its mandate.

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is an independent quasi-judicial body mandated to implement the national competition policy and enforce the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) or R.A.10667, which serves as the primary competition law in the Philippines for promoting and protecting competitive markets. The Act also prohibits anti-competitive agreements, abuses of dominant position, and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions. Sound and efficient market regulation by the PCC will result in markets that foster innovation, global competitiveness, and enhanced consumer choice, thereby improving public welfare.

The survey aims to guide the PCC in designing strategies to enhance its advocacy, and to educate the public on the relevance of market competition. Specifically, the survey aims to determine the level of awareness of its stakeholders on the PCA and PCC; guide the PCC in assessing the impact of its advocacy efforts; inform the design of future programs; and raise stakeholders’ awareness on the benefits of competition policy and laws.

The survey results will be compared to the annual targets set forth in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022 and the General Appropriation Act (GAA). The data will be used in evaluating the commission’s advocacy efforts over the years and refining its advocacy strategy.

The survey is employing seven statistical researchers to cover 373 establishments in Region X.

PSA X enjoins all establishments in the region to support the activity by participating and providing truthful and complete information during the field operation in the first quarter of 2023. All data collected will be kept strictly confidential in compliance to Section 26 of Republic Act 10625 and Republic Act 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012). The Office also assures the public on the observance of minimum health protocols during the entire PPFAS operations.

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