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Promoting Mindanao in the Global Scene

Ushering-in our 8th anniversary celebration this year is our announcement of full digitalization of our newspaper. With our online digital version, Mindanao Daily News catapults Mindanao into the global arena.
Print publications may be less potent nowadays, as some analysts say, in this age of social media, but with digitalization or on-line publication, no print media prominence would decline.  Mindanao Daily news banners the vibrancy of Mindanao in every area of development: economic, political, good governance and tourism. This has been always our avowed advocacy. Ninety percent (90%) of our content dwells  on economic development, community promotion, business and economy highlights and tourism promotion.
For 8th straight years, we have carried the banner for Mindanao. We have been acclaimed in our CSR projects, the latest of which was the Mindanao Governance & Leadership Excellence Awards, the Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneur Awards which just concluded its 8th year version; and the forthcoming Northern Mindanao Journalism Excellence Awards, the 5th edition on August this year.
We will compete with the digital  age media to survive. We agree to Roy Greenslade of the Guardian News that “ Retreat from print could be a disaster for local democracy,” He says that a lack of checks and balances in the digital world allows ‘alternative facts’ to flourish.
Not all readers are “anxious to get their hands on the paper because of a story about a political dispute, or an investigative report on sensational crimes. They are interested  to read about business and trade opportunities.
We refused to believe it. But our men in the field says the readers go straight to the business articles.
While the journalism gems of  investigative, crime and political coverages are patronized by the social class, the working class of our society prefers to read about livelihood and business opportunities.
Many times we have entertained the falsity of journalistic presumptions that there is a hunger for information among the public we serve.  But Greensdale says, that while “It was clear that journalism, by journalistic content, was believed to be of public benefit, it was a very hard sell. 
We believe that serious news had to be presented alongside profitable and entertaining material in order to attract patronage. Advertisements follow.
Greendale observed that “as the popular press developed, so the entertainment began to take precedence over the news and then, from the 1970s onwards, there was little discernible separation between the two: news and entertainment were merged.”
We aim for people to read serious journalism but we have to make it interesting with the stories on Mindanao’s economic, tourism and business development alongside.
Sleazy tabloid that glorify sex and violence may elicit readers interest,  but we believe they are few . Most of these stories alienate serious readers who take interest in public policy when the digital revolution started.
We subscribe to the value of local journalism and democracy.  This we will always uphold in our service to the people of Mindanao.  Join Us! LET’S PROMOTE MINDANAO TO THE WORLD!

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