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Programs in Marawi: An instrument of promoting corporate community involvement

In an ever-growing world of businesses and entrepreneurship, some companies and organizations have highly recognized the significance of giving back to the community.

Among these companies provided aid for the rehabilitation and recovery of the war-torn Marawi City. 

The Kilos Kabataan Livelihood Foundation Inc. (KKLFI), an advocacy group that primarily focuses on aiding marginalized and displaced Muslim children, partnered with prominent companies Conexionify, F&J de Jesus Inc., and NTT Data in delivering programs and assistance for the City. 

E-learning program for madrasahs

Students of Madrasatu Mipaga Al-Islamia in Barangay Mipaga of Marawi City now have access to digital learning as KKLFI donated 45 tablets for them.

To recall, the madrasah was turned-over in November 2019 as a joint project of Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) and the Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers of the Philippines Inc. along with private partners.  

“We have already started our engagement for e-learning but since the pandemic came in we have to innovate another educational learning system. We have now our e-learning programs integrated in tablets,” said Kristin Bangot, president of KKLFI. 

Mavic Pineda of Conexionify said that part of the e-learning  package is the training of the teachers and providing learning management system where teachers will be able to create their materials. 

“We also have 12 computers for the school desktop computers. We’re going to deliver 45 tablets for the students. This is part of the package,” said Pineda. 

Pineda also shared that they initiated to set up a madrasah e-library with materials that can be used offline. 

KKLFI partnered with  F and J De Jesus Inc., for the  digital learning materials for science, math and reading.

F and J De Jesus Inc. is a 48 years old company which provides high-quality materials and content all over  Philippine and overseas schools which garnered awards for the past 10 years. 

“Our advocacy gives chance for Filipino children to use best practices from around the world,” Andrew de Jesus of F&J de Jesus Inc. 

Introducing Japanese technology in detecting COVID-19 cases

Utilizing a Japanese technology, detecting coronavirus disease cases (COVID-19)  in Marawi City will now be efficient with the help of NTT Data. 

NTT Data is a Japanese Information and Communication Technology company that works with partners and local government units  to be able to provide innovative solutions to society at large.

Christer Cruz of NTT Data emphasized that the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) is still the gold standard for confirming COVID-10.

“This tool is utilized to be able to help  radiologists and doctors and aid them in their workflow in terms of detecting COVID-19 suspects,” said Cruz. 

Without painful swabbing, test results for patients will be out in 4 minutes using this tool called NTT Genki. 

Turned over to Amai Pakpak Medical Center, this technology is NTT Data’s way of giving pack to the community. 

“[This is to make sure that] we add value to country, that’s our advocacy, that’s we are aligned with Conexionify and KKLFI to give back to community,” added Cruz. 

Appreciation of corporate community involvement

Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra conveyed his appreciation for the programs provided by the companies and organizations.

“Thank you to our partners for this opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise to address all problems that we are now facing,” said Gandamra. 

Meanwhile, TFBM Chairman Sec. Eduardo del Rosario said that non-infrastructure project is a vital component of Marawi rehabilitation.

“We cannot make Marawi rise again through vertical and horizontal only, it won’t serve the purpose. The non-infrastructure  is very vital component of rehabilitation…for social services, education, health, everything that cannot be cannot be quantified physically,” said del Rosario.

Del Rosario also said that with the e-learning program, the educational progression in the City can be fast-tracked. 

While the government continues its efforts in rebuilding the City, it is great to note that there are companies that building the culture of philanthropy.   (LELA/ PIA ICIC) 

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