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Pompee says he will win in 2022 Mayoral election

THEY said that “it is sweeter the next time around.” Defeated Mayoral candidate Gabriel “Pompee” La Viña is an individual with the qualities of a man who could convert defeat to victory.
For “Pompee,” defeat is the pathway to victory. Like a battle-scarred warrior who survived the humiliation of defeat, “Pompee” sees the experience as a process to rectify mistakes.
Losing in the midterm mayoral election this year, provides “Pompee” the moment to retrospect. In fact, “Pompee” sees more time to weigh the options to be able to succeed whenever another political encounter takes place in the near future.
Talking to the members of the press, Pompee displayed an extraordinary courage when he announced that he would run for the mayoral post in the 2022 elections. “Running for the mayoral post was an option,” Pompee said.
While admitting that although a native Cagayanon, he is not pretty known to the local residents, it was the lack of time that led to his defeat.
“In spite of being unknown in the political arena, getting more than 90,000 votes was an indication that there was a wider chance of winning had time was on my side,” Pompee said. Given enough time, winning the 2022 Mayoral contest w0uld be attainable, Pompee said.
Pompee still wants to run under the Padayon Pilipino political party. Pompee is not bothered by the reports that Provincial Governor Bambi Emano is considering to run for Mayor in Cagayan De Oro in 2022. “One thing is sure, Bambi and I would never part ways,” Pompee said.
Pompee just want to run for Mayor to continue his mission to serve the Cagayanons. However, if Bambi runs for the mayoral post, Pompee is willing to adopt “a number of political options.”
On Monday, however, Gov. Bambi Emano announced of his full support to Pompee’s mayoral bid. “I will throw my full support to Pompee’s mayoral bid if he decides to run for Mayor in Cagayan De Oro City in 2022,” Emano said during a weekly meeting with the local press.
Bambi’s announcement was in contrast to his earlier announcement that he would run for Mayor in Cagayan De Oro City. Many, however, believed that Bambi and Pompee’s pronouncements were strong messages that the Padayon Pilipino, the regional political party that Bambi now heads, is fielding a complete set of candidates in the local polls three years from now.
On the other hand, political observers agreed on a consensus that the Padayon Pilipino political party needs an overhaul. In the absence of its charismatic leader, former City Mayor and provincial Governor “Dongkoy” Emano, who died a week prior to the midterm election this year, the Padayon Pilipino political party has to be reinvigorated.
Bambi Emano, the heir to the throne left behind by the venerable “Dongkoy” Emano, has to expedite the shakeup.
The shakeup is to discover and provide opportunities for the potential leaders to actively work in order to strengthen and invigorate the morale of the party members and supporters.
Bambi is aware of the arduous task. However, success in all political endeavors is not a party event. While identifying the true leaders who could deliver concrete results is difficult, it is necessary that the assigned leaders must live and break bread with the people. The assigned leader must connect with the community, otherwise, any attempt to organize and mobilize the constituents is bound to fail. -0- Email reactions/comments: crisguardian@yahoo.com

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