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PNP chief survives helicopter crash

METRO MANILA (MDN National News) – Philipppine National Police Chief Gen. Archie Gamboa has survived what others called "a near death experience," following his helicopter crash in San Pedro, Laguna, along with other PNP top brass.

The PNP chief was supposed to visit visit the impounding site of the local Highway Patrol Group.

In his hospital bed at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Gamboa appears to be fully recovered as he managed to pose with visiting Senator Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa with a thumbs up sign.

Senator dela Rosa in his FB page said: “Please pray for the fast recovery of my mistahs: gen gamboa, gen ramos, gen magaway; pnp pio gen banac and the rest of the passengers and flight crew of the pnp helicopter that crashed at san pedro, laguna this morning.” 

Earlier this morning, a news broke out that PNP Chief Gen Archie Gamboa and his team, who went to Laguna for a very special event, met an accident as their helicoper crashed in said province.

Gamboa was with Major Gen. Mariel Magaway, PNP director for Intelligence; Major Gen Jose Maria Ramos, PNP Director for Comptrollership; Brigadier Gen Bernard Banac, PNP spokesperson; Lt Col Zalatar, pilot; Col Macawili, co-pilot; Sgt Estona, helicopter crew; and Capt. Gayramara, Gamboa's aide.  

Investigation disclosed that a helicopter carrying PNP Chief Archie Gamboa and 7 other people including generals, were onboard the plane that crashed in San Pedro, Laguna Thursday morning.

Chief Gamboa was unconscious when rescuers arrived at the crash site and rescueres have  to pulle him out of the chopper wreckage.

He suffered only minor bruises and he was taken temporarily at West Lake Medical Center. Later, report said, the PNP chief was transferred in Taguig City, particularly at St Lukes Medical Center.     

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