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Picture Feng Shui

If a picture paints a thousand words as a song goes, it depicts luck or bad luck too in feng shui!
So maniniyots or photographers beware!
So do subjects or models or selfyists!!!
Here are key dont’s when it comes to bad Feng Shui pictures:
– never human subjects in threes, as the second one or middle person will die soon
– never in fours as 4 means death
– never a mirror behind the subject asirrors are ghost traps thereby a ghost image might appear!
– never against the sunlight as it eclipses then subject(s) aura
– never with a lion or tiger or maneating animal subject or background be it a live one or sculpture as well as picture too unless the subject is a politician (it can take subject’s life)
Next is how to put pictures luckily:
– all pictures of water or with water to any left side wall as you enter the main door of office or home. Else infidelity will be attracted for all in that place!
– the same, water pictures should not be in master bedroom as it causes financial drains
– water pictures must not be placed in kitchen where it will face stove or cooking appliances. This fire facing water situation leads to conflicts and disharmony barring progress and prosperity in the place
– water pictures for the same reasons must not be above or below any cooking appliances or chimney fire
So there remember too water means money so never burn it symbolically or let it flow out as financial drain by putting water pictures infront if any entrance or exit doors let alone window!
So there, indeed you can visualize and harness luck with success with the proper Feng Shui picturing.
Happy picture taking with a winning eye with going or getting lucky in mind everyone! Aim right and good luck!

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