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PHOTO ESSAY: Panalawahig Ritual

 Indigenous Peoples of Bukidnon hold rituals for various purposes. Requirements such as the number of chickens and other offerings, may differ from one tribe to another and depend on the significance of a specific ritual. But common among these practices is the intention to seek the protection and guidance of spirits in daily human affairs.

The Talaandig, an indigenous tribe inhabiting Lantapan town and adjoining parts of the province, opened their annual Talaandig Day on October 11. Set to culminate on October 14, the celebration started with a Panalawahig or ritual for the spirit of the water called Pamulalakaw, beside the Alanib River, one of the town’s major waterways.

Each household that attended the ritual brought their own chickens for the event. After the panampulot, the last part of the ritual where the spirits would be invited to partake of the food, the families shared lunch beside the river before going home to prepare for the next three days of the celebration.

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