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Philippines’s a ‘laughing stock’ in Asia no more

(First of two parts)

China’s battleship, which illegally sailed in the Philippine waters without being accosted only shows the demeaning and weak Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The action of China was a clear intrusion on the Philippines territory that requires respond – diplomatically and militarily. It was a direct assault on the country’s sovereign rights as a country and as a people.

China is arrogating itself because of the Philippine governments lenient respond toward China’s provocative actions within the Western Philippine Seas, especially within the Philippine’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Lately, over 200 Chinese vessels moored at the Julian Felipe Reef, an EEZ of the Philippines. The Chinese vessels disguised as fishermen seeking cover from a storm is a calibrated ploy.  In fact, there were reports that China’s “fishing vessels” were actually “maritime militia army” under the direct command of the China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). This allegation is vehemently denied by the Chinese Embassy in Manila.

According to Senator Panfilo Lacson, China has the preponderance of massing their vessels, again disguised as fishermen, in a targeted area within the WPS. Lacson described China’s action as “cabbaging” where China will ultimately occupy the area unless driven away. But, will China move away from the Julian Felipe Reef?

Certainly, the Chinese Embassy in Manila issued a statement that Julian Felipe Reef belonged to them. Obviously, China is not leaving Julian Felipe Reef. What gives?

In 2016, Indonesia bombed Chinese vessels, disguised as fishermen, after the Chinese did not heed to the order of the Indonesian armed forces to leave the area at once. Indonesia bombed many fishermen’s vessels, including one from the Philippines, after refusing to leave the place as ordered by the Indonesian government.

During the same year, in 2016, Argentina also chased and sunk a Chinese vessel under pretext of “fishing” within the territory of the Argentina’s EEZ.

In both instances, Indonesia and Argentina did not declare war against China. In both instances, China stopped their incursion adventures in the territorial seas of Indonesia and Argentina.
Now, comes the Philippine’s case at the Julian Felipe Reef, a very clear violation of China’s incursion into the territory of the Philippines. Will the Philippine government simply sit down and issue an ineffective “diplomatic protest?” An exchanged barb between China and Philippine Embassy will end nowhere.

Unless, the Philippine government carries a punitive action against the illegal encroachment of China at the Julian Felipe Reef, the Filipinos will wake up one morning with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) knocking on their doorstep.

In view of China’s braggadocio and outright disrespect of the Philippines’ order for the Chinese vessel to leave the place, it is time to BOMB and SINK all the Chinese vessels in Julian Felipe Reef.

The action to bomb and sink China’s illegal vessels is not a declaration of war, but an assertion of the Philippine sovereignty and territorial rights. The action is in accordance with the United Nation’s Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS).

The Philippines; need not worry because the international community supports the Philippines. Any military action in the WPS that would be carried out as an assertion of territorial rights and in defense of sovereign rights of the Filipino people is a valid act that the international community supports. The Philippines could no longer remain as China’s laughing stock in Southeast Asia.

If Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan are willing to defend their sovereignty at all costs, what difference if makes for the Philippines to do same? When the international community is willing to come to the aid of the Philippines and its peoples against the excesses of a “country of men and not of laws,” why can’t the Philippine government defend itself from being mocked by an arrogant country who wants to rule the world out of aggression and coercion?

True, the government is raising diplomatic protests. However, a diplomatic protest is irrelevant to a country that does not value the essence of liberty and freedom. What can one expect of a country driven by greed and aggression? What value is there in a country that survived out of the barrel of guns? If the good people on Earth would not stand up against the evils, who would stand against them?

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