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PhilHealth AVP for Mindanao Challenges Regional Officers

The PhilHealth Regional Offices (PROs) in Mindanao recently had its mid-year assessment in Gen. Santos City to evaluate their respective performance during the first semester of 2022. Hosted by PRO XII, the event also featured recalibration of targets to ensure achievement of annual goals as agreed with the Governance Commission for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations or GCG.

Regional Vice Presidents, planning officers and other PhilHealth officers and employees from Mindanao were present in the occasion.

“This two-day activity was designed to compare the performance of our offices with a set of expectations that follow corporate standards; not with other offices. It is important to note that at the end of the day, we accomplish our goals through TEAM effort, which we can all be proud of,” Gregorio C. Rulloda, Area Vice President for Mindanao, said during his opening message.

As the administrator of the National Health Insurance Program, PhilHealth is committed to guarantee the provision of social health insurance benefits to all Filipinos anytime, anywhere they need them. Hence, activities such as this performance review will help in ascertaining attainment of Corporate objectives.

Some of the key performance areas reviewed were on client satisfaction, KONSULTA registration, and collection efficiency. The PROs have also discussed accomplishments and strategies employed in benefit payment, no co- payment policy implementation, fraud control, budget utilization, and compliance to various corporate policies and management directives.

To help deter fraud, the participants also discussed the percentage of administrative cases each of the PROs have resolved. In addition, the sustainability of ISO certification was also brought up to which the group did a detailed analysis of responses to audit findings. Risk management, leadership and core competencies, learning and development, and the implementation of the social marketing and communication plan were also among the items addressed during the forum.

Through the event, Mindanao PROs were able to learn and share successful strategies and initiatives – enabling them to push further on their commitments and goals. Rulloda also imparted that, “offices should learn to manage short term crises, focus on long-term strategic goals, and prioritize urgent tasks; therefore, making good use of time and resources.”

Despite the challenges in implementing Universal Health Care, he encouraged the participants to work together in accomplishing their targets, if not surpass them all. At the conclusion of the event, Rulloda further challenged them to deliver exemplary performance, and said, “Continue on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure. Think out of the box, get organized and raise the bar of excellence!”



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