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PET SHUI! Lucky Pets for Every Juan & Juana!

Do you know that the best feng shui expert in Red China recommended to the Politburo that dogs be required as pet in every urban home? Why? He notes all the leading industrial urban cities like Paris, New York amongst others have the largest statistical ownerships of domesticated pet dogs! Pets have ultrasonic sensory perceptions beyond humans and thereby serve as extra energizing radars . They absorb beforehand any bad energies about to befall their respective owner and loved ones. So we may often hear of a pet, dying whilst their owner survive a near death experience!
Rat – Ox or any cow, water buffalo/carabao not necessarily in your front or backyards but a farm property in the province will be extremely lucky. Rat is the soulmate of the ox. A mestiza or albino carabao is a popular rural legend in Philippine provinces as bringing extra prosperity to the owner. A client, who owns Kamayan sa Isdaan in Bay, Quezon near UP Los Banos delights tourists and customers with picture taking opportunities with his pet white carabao beside the restaurant entrance! Rats should avoid horses as this client’s experience was, business reached low points when he purchased a horse as a farmhand pet. When advised to trade it for a white carabao, he did and sales bloomed anew.
Ox – any pet rat or rodent like guinea pigs will be great! No goats and sheep though!
Tiger – no pet Monkeys . Best guinea pig or pigs in farm.
Rabbit – lucky with dog. Avoid birds, roosters, chickens!
Dragon – no pet dogs! Lucky with pet chickens or roosters or any bird!
Snake – avoid pig even guinea pigs! Best with goats, sheep, and chickens or roosters, birds.
Horse – no pet rats, rodents! Excellent with monkey, goat, sheep.
Sheep – best with rooster, birds, ostrich, and pig. No to ox or carabao.
Monkey – no to tiger. Best with sheep, goat, and pet rodents, especially rat or white mice.
Rooster – Best with sheep, goat, snake. No to rabbits.
Dog – Avoid dragonfish or Arowana fish. Best rabbit!
Pig – Avoid snake. Best with pet tiger or cats!
A basic guidepost in pet shui is to avoid your kind of sign: rooster vs. rooster/chicken, rabbit vs. rabbit, rat vs. rat, ox vs. ox/carabao, sheep vs. goat/sheep, pig vs. pig, guinea pig, dog vs. dog, monkey vs. monkey, horse vs. horse, snake vs. snake, tiger vs. tiger/ cats. The only exception is dragon person can take care of dragonfish or Arowana. Generic for all, the best pets are turtles for boosting careers and health, Arowana fish for wealth and luck attraction, dogs and Siamese cats for wealth protection. Birds for happiness in old age. So there, having a lucky pet may change your life’s fortunes…as personally, when a former ADB exec made me adopt her lion dog or shitzu named Lai Fu (Great Luck), my wife started laughing her way to the banks and started addressing me lovingly as Master!

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