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Peace means "calm". Peace means freedom from war, disturbance or hostilities. Peace means being free from tumults. 

I am on my way to Manila. I'll be joining several events and celebrations. One thing is for sure: peace.

The invitation of the Office of the Presidential Adviser of the Peace Process, my good friend Sir Jess Dureza is on my desk. The invitation is regarding the Culmination Program of the National Peace Consciousness Month. It's indeed a very important event. You can be sure, as German Honorary Consul to the island of Mindanao, I'll be joining.

All of us, individuals, groups or nations, as well as societies, have to survive in a life full of uncertain, dangerous and unsure elements. Nobody and no politics on earth, where ever we are living can guarantee a total safety on this existential level. Nevertheless, it's a fundamental task and duty to state politics to flag danger and unsureness in humans living together. The modern state is therefore responsible for inner safety thru a functional legislation and police, for social safety thru organization and formulations of laws. External safety by means of military and bilateral diplomacy is imperative. External safety means he threat of national territory or peace-and-order coming from other states.

International relations developed within the last centuries. Safety politics become ore and more part of national politics. Since the end of the so-called "East-West-Conflict" and bankruptcy of the "socialist world system" (wished at first by the former Soviet Union) the reciprocal threat between NATO and (former( Warsaw Pact evaporated. Former nuclear arsenals with improbable and incredible destructive weapons (multiple "overkill" of our whole planet!) didn't allow ordinary defense strategies.

Globalization has enormously changed national and international safety politics. During the  Cold War, the number of conscientious objectors increased dramatically. 

The state's legitimacy depends on how government can satisfy its people's needs. And, please let me reiterate: not high-tech weapons and warrior armies are the future keys of peace and safety politics in the 21st century but multi-dimensionality with diplomatic, economical and police elements. Unilateral national safety is the first step to a global successful safety. It is indeed a really heavy task for every single town mayor – and the biggest challenge of every national government.

When I stepped on Mindanao soil for the first time in 1976, I experienced a lot of fearing adventures. I came back in 1982. Then 1983. Now I reside here for good. Since 1999.

I hope and pray, that Mindanao is now free from disturbances and tumults. I stay here for good. I love to live in Mindanao, especially in Davao City. Peace be with us all!

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