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Partisan parochial politics still rooted in Tagoloan town

With a new mayor in Tagoloan town taking over, an outsider may think that divisive parochial partisan politics may finally be on the way out of the municipal hall that was ruled for decades by the Emano clan.
Alas that is not the case with incoming Mayor Gomer Enan Sabio, whose cousin and incumbent Vice Mayor Robinson Sabio is still loyal and in fact is allied with the Emanos. 
The acrimonious rivalry between the two men intensified—if it isn’t heated enough already—with the vice mayor’s rumored plans to hold office in either the municipal library or the post office, both of which are outside the Municipal Hall.
Talk of a ‘Cold War’ between the Sabios, both first cousins, had dominated the shops and homes of Tagoloan folk who were usually largely preoccupied more with local radio drama or TV.
Instead of a potential Sabio dynasty, what Tagoloanons can expect from the two men—Gomer Sabio’s father Manuel and Robinson’s father Aristoteles are brothers whose parents were Pio Sabio and Kikay Valdehueza Sabio—is a divided Municipsl Hall.
Which means that the Sabio clan cannot realistically expect to see their own hold on to the reins of the municipal government without some measure of influence total or partial from the Emanos.
Such a perception is being debunked by those close to the two men who contend that everything is civil between them.  Only time will tell if their assertion is true or not.
The offices of the mayor and vice mayor are located within the Municipal Hall and it would be a shame to Tagoloanons if both Sabios cannot achieve a harmonious working relationship to say the least.
It would indeed be quite the source of joy for Sabio clan members from Natumolan to Sta. Cruz and as far as Mojon and Sta. Ana if the two officials put aside their personal and political differences and work together for the common good of Tagoloan.
Instead Don Raymundo Sabio, the patriarch of the Sabio clan, may be turning in his grave and even wake up should he learn of what is happening with the current generation of Sabios.
Vice Mayor Robinson Sabio started as municipal councilman and became a trusted ally of the Emano clan to the disappointment of the Sabio clan.  Incoming Mayor Gomer Enan Sabio served as Barangay Captain of Natumolan and allied with reelected Rep. Juliet Uy of Misamis Oriental’s second district for aid in resolving his community’s garbage problem.
As Barangay Captain of Natomulan, Sabio didn’t collect his honorarium and used the amount to fund the social services in his barangay (village).  He sought help from Uy after he was refused aid from the ruling Emano clan in Municipal Hall because, well, partisan parochial politics.
Whether it is true or not that Mayor-elect Gomer Sabio started his political career through Vice Mayor Robinson I don’t know.  Should any gratitude on the mayor’s part compromise his service to his constituents?  I hope not.
Yes, family differences can become quite a pain in the country’s political landscape and it is worse with every generation. I also hope that the other Sabio clan members do their part to iron out the differences between the two men.
I am suggesting that my great friend Suing Sabio Caballero initiate a dialogue between the two officials for the good of Tagoloan town.

In a visit to the Tagoloan public market the other day,  I was inconvenienced by the traffic congestion there caused by the large volume of public utility vehicles like trisikads, motorelas, passenger jeepneys and so on.
I hope that Mayor Sabio and Vice Mayor Sabio, the Sabios of Tagoloan Municipal Hall, would work together to solve this perennial problem.  To them I say set aside your personal rivalry and help your constituents who voted for you.  Both of you owe it to them. (For questions and comments email at susanap.dennis@yahoo.com)


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