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Paranormal Feng Shui!

Yes its true. Paranormal sightings or feelings.
Even the unimaginable! Incubus or somnubus too. Male or female maniac ghost rapists!
True stories in my feng shui diaries:
Mother & child ghosts haunting burly bodyguards of rich client that they all resigned after being raped in their nightmares by the mother ghost while child watched. It took two mother and child Thai Spirit Houses inside the house as feng shui remedy!
Novotel hotel project in Quezon City construction was hindered several months as lady guards and young canteen lady cooks as well as busgirls for construction canteen incessantly quit for the same reason. That is being raped in their broken time sleep by a demon! As workers needed a canteen 24/7, project halted until feng shui cured situation!
Recently, upscale tailor shop in ritzy mall had books falling by itself from shelves, lights turning on and off, let alone sewing machine running on its own as eerie scents whizzed by the staff! Feng shui exorcism was done.
People visiting sacred burial grounds in Mountain Provinces often violate native folk rituals of respect. They end up sick and voodooed in no uncertain terms necessitating feng shui emergency treatment cum shaman rituals of healing. One man expelled huge river stones during treatment and was up and about after Makati Med specialist gave up on him.
From black, white or red dwarves in a place to white ladies or giants and witches, paranormal stories are aged as old as time worldwide.
In feng shui it takes more than normal onion or garlic or incense smoke to remedy these.
It requires a real and expert experienced master of feng shui to return peaceful coexistence with the paranormal beyond fortune telling a lie wannabes!
Now you have a clear idea of whom to call and engage as feng shui ghostbuster. Clue his name is not Francis or Jeffrey or Robert and he, yes he, is not gay!

Look who is in front of you!!! Ahwoooo!

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