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Palamunin or Freeloaders Feng Shui

Filipino Chinese are brutal when it comes to family infernal yes not internal affairs!
For most overseas even mainland and other Asian countries, the materialistic case on freeloaders are spinster daughters and unmarried sons!
They tend to be unnecessary dependents of age living off their parents in more ways than one, parasitically! No such thing as a free lunch affects parents unless otherwise overcome with love! But often, it’s sacrifices.
Of course there are other types of freeloaders aside from gold digging relationship.
How to get rid and over with?
First rid your home and office of octagon shapes or designs. Any so long as it is perfect equal eight sides! Start with home and office umbrellas, Catholic rosary plastic containers and base of statues of religious icons, Japanese or Korean furniture, tableware, including placemats, plates and design or base of drinking glasses! Also watches and wall clocks.
Last but best get a true geomamcer or Feng Shui master to fix both your home(s) and office(s)! This will put an end to unneeded financial drains for you to save, invest and enjoy prosperity in your own terms not freeloaders!
So check if you have octagon orange or other colored electrical junction boxes at home or business!
For solteros and solteras, unmarried family members, it is traditional Feng Shui to display peony flower paintings or decor to attract romance on love life and marriage proposal.
Any other things like Mandarin ducks or lights and lampshades are duds!
Mandarin ducks are for fidelity but not marriage.

So if you want to hickory, dickory, duck out of codependency by freeloaders, Feng Shui is the ultimate remedy!

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