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Padayon’s poisonous political mindset

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina–It’s been five months since this year’s elections and yet parochial politics still stink the air in my hometown of Tagoloan based on what I learned from retired Air Force General Gregorio “Gerry “ Paduganan in his post on the Facebook page that he created and administered.
Paduganan’s observations are contained in a first person account of the first State of the Municipal Address of Mayor Gomer Enan Sabio.  The mayor’s report of his first 100 days in office also contained some details of his proposed budget to the municipal council.
I thought I would not be writing about Tagoloan anymore as right now it is in good hands after Mayor Enan assumed office. Though at that time he is still not in good relations with the council headed by his first cousin Robinson Sabio.
General Gerry’s post which I would use as basis of discussion is the absence of the council’s majority bloc during the address. I used the term “absence” while Gerry described it as a “boycott.”  Yes the council was invited but most did not show up for reasons only they know.
There were many observations made by the retired general, who really loves Tagoloan and has nothing on his heart except the welfare of its people based on our talks years ago.  Anyway I would pick only one observation out of the many.
The chairs reserved for the opposition councilors were unoccupied and only two councilors attended, lawyer Audie Paduganan and Pomar.  I don’t know if these majority councilors were invited but I assumed they were invited or else why would the mayor not invite them?
If they were invited to the mayor’s first State of the Municipal Address, the best thing to do is to appear as a courtesy to a co-equal  branch of the local government.
The majority should have attended and listened to the mayor’s report for the first 100 days in office and his vision for the next three years in office because in theory it should be the case.  It is for public interest and the welfare of Tagoloanons.
Tagoloan needs both the executive and legislative branches working together in unison while balancing each other out for checks and balances. They should set aside their entrenched political loyalties and self-interest and for once work together.
It is public knowledge that Mayor Enan Sabio is supported by Team Unity (Rep. Juliet Uy of Misamis Oriental’s 2nd district and husband former Vice Governor Atty, Julio Uy) while the majority of the municipal council under Vice Mayor Robinson is under the protection of Misamis Oriental Gov. Yevgeny ‘Bambi’ Emano.
Even then they belong to different political parties there is nothing wrong with it. That is politics, that is democracy. But not appearing in a public event is demeaning and cheapens the office of the person who made the invitation or to a large degree disrespectful to the Tagoloanons.
With this incident, there  is no doubt in my mind that there is too much politics in Tagoloan and these ‘trapos’ only succeeded in cheapening themselves further. That is precisely the kind of backward, poisonous and regressive mindset that they seek to perpetuate in Tagoloan which they wish to keep unprogressive in order to ensure their foothold in power.
What is this I heard that Kagawad Angelo Pomar returned to the Padayon Pilipino—also called by its critics as Padayon Panonto—camp?.  Quo Vadis, Atty. Dodo?

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