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Ozamiznons to Greet Christmas with Noche Buenas Aplenty

In Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, there’s more for every family to pass around the dinner table this Christmas.

Ozamiznons are enjoying triple the gifts in the distribution of the Oaminal family’s “Pamaskong Handog,” where Misamis Occidental Governor Henry Sr., Misamis Occidental 2nd District Representative Ando, and Ozamiz City Mayor Indy prepared separate Christmas tributes for their constituents.

The gift-giving has been an annual “tradition” for the family, Oaminal Sr. shared, when they open their home every Christmas season to caroling Misamisnons.

Now, however, instead of just opening the family home, the tradition has been expanded to accommodate all residents of Misamis Occidental, with a kickoff event held at the City Gym in Lam-an, Ozamiz City on December 8, 2022. The elder Oaminal and his sons, along with other local officials, were present at the event which saw hundreds of Misamisnons in attendance.

“It has been a family tradition for us to find fellow Ozamiznons and Misamisnons in our doorstep during this season every year, and even more of them would arrive just before Noche Buena,” Oaminal Sr. recalled. “As a family we always made sure that they feel welcome, and we want to extend that spirit of homeliness and giving to the entire province of Misamis Occidental.”

Rep. Ando, meanwhile, is making good on his campaign promise to make sure every Misamisnon family in his district gets their “Pamaskong Handog.”

“It’s a privilege to be trusted by the Misamisnons in my district, and I’m intent on returning their appreciation for my service,” said Rep. Ando.

In Ozamiz City, his successor Mayor Indy is now entrusted with keeping the gift-giving tradition alive. “It’s another chance for me and for my family to develop a more personal connection with the Ozamiznons we’ve long been serving,” Mayor Indy shared.

“With Papa and Ando, we’re hoping we can bring to the people three times the love and happiness this Christmas,” he added.

Oaminal Sr.’s province-wide distribution has pamasko allocations for over 180,000 families, while Rep. Oaminal’s district will distribute to 100,000 families, and Mayor Oaminal Jr.’s allocation in Ozamiz City will see more goods given to 40,000 families.

Apart from the distribution of Pamaskong Handog noche buena and media noche packs at the kick-off event. Pocket distribution events have also been held at different municipalities in the province. “We want every Misamisnon to not have to worry about where and how they will get their noche buena and media noche feast,” said Oaminal Sr. “Easing them of this burden will give them the opportunity to enjoy the festivities of this blessed holiday with their families.


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