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Ozamiz City Embraces Cashless Future with Launch of Paleng-QR PH Plus, BSP-Backed Initiative

The City of Ozamiz took a giant leap into the digital age with the official launch of Paleng-QR PH Plus, a pioneering initiative backed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and led by Ozamiz City Mayor Atty Indy Oaminal. This groundbreaking event, which also saw the participation of various financial service providers, signifies a significant stride towards a cashless economy.

Mayor Atty Indy Oaminal took the lead in the launch activity, emphasizing the importance of Paleng-QR PH Plus for the city and its residents. The initiative’s primary aim is to streamline financial transactions, making them more efficient, convenient, and secure for both vendors and consumers.

In a message of unwavering support, RD Judith Dolot, BSP Regional Director for Mindanao, praised the collaborative efforts of LGU Ozamiz, led by Mayor Oaminal, and the dedicated members of the City Council. She highlighted the importance of such initiatives in fostering financial inclusion and technological advancement in the region.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas acknowledged the city’s commitment to this groundbreaking initiative. The partnership between the local government and financial authorities showcases the dedication to modernizing financial services and creating a safer economic environment.

The launch of Paleng-QR PH Plus is a historic moment for Mindanao, as it marks only the second initiative of its kind in the entire region. Mayor Indy Oaminal passionately encouraged Ozamiz City’s public vendors to adopt Paleng-QR PH Plus for their daily transactions. This innovative platform promises to simplify cashless transactions, eliminate hassles, and enhance vendor safety by reducing the risk of counterfeit money.

The introduction of Paleng-QR PH Plus is just one of the many platforms and programs initiated under the Padayon Asenso Ozamiz Administration, demonstrating their commitment to the city’s economic development.

Paleng-QR PH Plus is set to revolutionize commerce in Ozamiz City and across Mindanao. With the support of local government and financial institutions, this digital payment platform is poised to make everyday transactions more convenient, secure, and efficient for everyone. Ozamiz City has embarked on its journey towards a cashless future, setting an example for the entire region to follow. (via Bhal Cabrera | Ozamiz News Bureau)



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