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OWWA at your service (AYOS) Truck arrives at MisOr Provincial Capitol Grounds

by Gerry Lee Gorit

Misamis Oriental – The OWWA at your service (AYOS) truck has arrived at the Provincial Capitol Grounds, a top official reported yesterday.

Talisayan Vice Mayor Romel Maslog said this is the commitment of OWWA Administrator Arnel Ignacio to the people of the province who have relatives overseas, and who need some help from OWWA.

The said truck has a small clinic, Led wall, kitchen, and other amenities to serve the relatives of overseas Filipino workers.

“Tulo rana kabuok nga truck para sa Luzon, Visayas ug Mindanao. Ug dire sa Mindanao sa Cagayan de Oro nila gibutang,” Maslog said.

Governor Peter “Sr. Pedro” M. Unabia was also glad OWWA administrator Arnel Ignacio has chosen Misor to where the AYOS truck will be staying for good.

“This is a big help to the people of the province. Since the truck will be in the province, our people will have easy access to their services, Unabia stressed.

Vice Governor Jeremy Jonahmar  “Jigjag” Pelaez also welcome the stay of the AYOS truck in the province. “The services they can offer, most especially to the families of the OFWs who need help, livelihood and more, Pelaez claimed.


The OWWA AYOS Trucks, short for At Your Service Trucks, represent mobile command centers equipped to provide a range of crucial services. 

These include an emergency clinic for medical needs, a communication hub with high-speed internet connectivity, and essential amenities such as kitchen facilities, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, and more. 

Enhanced security features such as CCTV surveillance and powerful lighting ensure the safety and comfort of individuals during emergencies.

This initiative by OWWA marks a significant stride in supporting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families during times of crisis. 

These versatile vehicles function as mobile support units, outfitted with essential resources to address immediate needs during natural disasters. 

The AYOS Truck underscores OWWA’s commitment to the well-being of OFWs by delivering timely assistance where it’s most needed.

The AYOS Truck, provided by OWWA as a disaster relief vehicle for OFWs and their families, addresses a critical concern: ensuring the safety and well-being of loved ones during emergencies. 

With Wi-Fi capabilities ensuring swift internet connectivity, this truck stands ready to respond effectively to emergencies. Its practical design and comprehensive features aim to resolve numerous challenges faced by OFWs in a reliable and convenient manner.


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