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Otso diretso: ‘medium rare’

THE dismal showmanship of opposition candidates in the senatorial race was not a ‘loss’ for the Filipino electorate, as claimed by detained Sen. Leila de Lima, but rather this: their preparation was a slackening ‘medium rare’ kind of
political cooking.

With almost 100 percent of the votes counted, not a single candidate of opposition slate Otso Diretso made it to the top 12 post as seen in the latest Comelec unofficial tally count.

This prompted the untimely resignation of Liberal Party President Sen. Francis Pangilinan, blaming no one but himself of the campaign blunder experienced by his party mates.

But the lame duck Vice President Leni Robredo was quick in the draw in putting on hold Pangilinan’s exit, saying there was no clamor for his early resignation.

Kiko Pangilinan has assumed full responsibility for the outcome, and held accountable for the opposition’s gloomy defeat.

So, what went wrong of Otso Diretso’s forlorn defeat?

It could be the arrogance of their of kind of campaigning — of rallying under board, even to the extent of going personal against President Duterte, who, after all was not a candidate, but simply was simply an endorser of his partymates.

To say it bluntly, the so-called ‘bright boys’ of the opposition has failed to launch a campaign based on platforms and issues at hand.

They constantly attacked on the President’s persona, forgetting that the almost ‘excellent rating of the popularity of the Mindanaon president.

They were like kids fighting for a slice of the President’s popularity, but as the saying goes: they ate dust instead of the most-sought-after
political cake. The ‘ bisaya’ dictum came true: Otso Diretso sa inodoro! Better luck


next time guys! (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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