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Oro’s Nic Aca joins GO ON Int’l Performance Art Festival

As the separation between public and private changes, the space of the alleyway begins to take on new meanings and serve new functions. The laneway; or side street, alley, back street, or byway comes to represent that transitional space between the home and the street, between the crowded main routes and the safety of isolation off the beaten path. As cities grow, laneways are being considered as spaces for housing, business and public space, utilizing all areas of the city and blurring the line between the main arteries and the alternative routes. The Laneway is a private space in public, it is exclusive; only a local can navigate these back routes and move through the city with ease. The buildings are often adorned with street art, murals and graffiti, showing the local flavour of the neighbourhood, geared for the neighbourhood’s enjoyment. These paths can be a place of connection, weaving through the city creating parallel and alternative connections in cities that are increasingly commercial and impersonal.

Taking inspiration from the Happenings of the 50’s and The Fluxus movement of the 60’s and 70’s, GO ON looks to approach performance as accessible, improvisational and process focused. As we find new solutions to present live performance when it is not safe to gather in large groups, the impromptu smartphone-recorded performance offers an opportunity to create and distribute performance art online.

Participating Artists

Aokid | Tokyo, Japan
website | instagram | youtube

Based in Tokyo,While having breakdance as root,I work on various methods such as drawing,dance works, and events.
The project “Aokid cIty”started in 2012,and the guerrilla perfomance event”Doubutsuen/Zoo”started in 2016.

Nicolas Aca
| Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines


Nic Aca is a visual artist from Cagayan de Oro City. He has participated in a number of national and international performance art festivals, including DJAMOE 6 in 2017 at Bandong, Indonesia, LATENT ACTION ASEAN VILLAGE PROJECT in 2016 at Xian, China, and 18th ASIAN ART BIENNALE 2018 in Bangladesh. Recently, his work, "Self Portrait: The Artist as Performance" was a Finalist for the Philippine Art Awards 2019.

Maya Bendavid
| Toronto, Canada

website | twitter | instagram

Maya Ben David (MBD) is a Toronto-based Jewish-Iranian Anthropomorphic Airplane. Working in video, installation and performance, she creates worlds and characters that aid her ongoing exploration of anthropomorphism, cosplay and performative personas.

Racquel de Loyola
| Gapab City Nueva Ecija, Philippines

website | twitter

Raquel de Loyola is an artist based in the Philippines whose works primarily addresses women’s issue, identity, colonization, migration, displacement, capitalism, globalization and the present state of affairs. She actively engaged and presented works locally and abroad. De Loyola continue explorations with crossing established disciplines and other possibilities. She is currently working with soft fabric sculptures and cloth based expositions.

Daisuke Takeya
| Toronto, Canada

website | Multi layered Surfaces | Field Trip Project | Fukushima NO ALICE

Daisuke Takeya is a Toronto-Tokyo based interdisciplinary artist and independent curator. His praxis is comprised of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society, and hinges on all kinds of double meanings. He is the executive director of Responding: International Performance Art Festival and Meeting erected in 2018.

Holly Timpener
| Toronto, Canada

website | instagram

Holly Timpener has performed at Month of Performance Berlin, Stride Gallery, Nuit Blanche (Calgary & Toronto), The Art Gallery of Ontario, and at the Venice International Performance Art Week. Timpener established a queer performance event entitled Pi*llOry that shows three times a year in Toronto.


James Knott
| Markham, Canada

website | twitter | instagram

James Knott is an emerging, Toronto-based artist, graduated from OCAD University. Their performance-based practice combines media to create immersive, emotionally resonant experiences for the viewer; housing personal narratives and queer experience through poeticism, self mythologizing, and auto-iconographic aestheticism.

Johannes Zits
| Toronto, Canada

website | #johanneszits on social media

Toronto based artist Johannes Zits has presented work across Canada and internationally. His exhibitions, performances and research projects have taken him to Havana, Vienna, Shanghai, Mexico City and elsewhere. This year Johannes is artist-in-residency at the McIntosh Gallery in London, Ontario, where he also exhibited Listening to Trees.


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