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Oro Artist’s Maquette selected for Espasyong Bayan Exhibit

By Mike Baños

Unveiling of Espayong Bayan Exhibit Poster (courtesy of ARTIST, Inc.)

A maquette by Cagayan de Oro artist Oscar Esteban Floirendo has been selected as one of 30 public art proposals from Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, featured in the Espasyong Bayan Exhibit launched Saturday, 25 February 2023 by the Arts Research and Training Institute (ARTIST Inc.) Center, Los Baños, Laguna.

Dubbed Padayon (a Cebuano word for “Tuloy lang” or “ moving on /moving forward”), Floirendo’s maquette highlights the “MOTORELA” a local means of public transportation invented by his father Rafael as a Local Cultural ICON.

Floirendo’s Padayon was inspired by the Motorela, invited by his late father Rafael.

“I plan to use it as a vehicle of our expression, a testament of the city and its community of our adaptability, innovativeness and enduring resilience through the years,” the artist explained.

The monument consists of large-scale brass flat sheets with the shape of the motorela-in-motion on one end making and leaving an ornate trail in a designed zigzag form.

The flat sheets trails have metal filigrees and metal etchings of Lumad, okir and baroque patterns and historical images of significant persons, events and landmarks spanning the pre-colonial period, Spanish era, American, World War II, post-war, up to present.

“In terms of the creative production process, my aim is to make this a COLLECTIVE endeavor involving a number of stakeholders: Local artists of the CdeO Arts Guild/ other visual art groups, motorela fabricators such as skilled welders and metal designers of accessories. and the City Historical and Cultural Commission, City Museum and XU Museo de Oro,” Floirendo noted.

Padayon by Oscar E. Floirendo

You can take a closer look at Floirendo’s maquette from this online video courtesy of Meckhan.

Padayon by Oscar E. Floirendo 2

A maquette (French for scale model, sometimes referred to in Italian as plastico or modello) is a scale model or rough draft of an unfinished sculpture. Also used interchangeably with bozzetto ( Italian for sketch).

A maquette is used to visualize and test forms and ideas without incurring the expense and effort of producing a full-scale piece. It is comparable to a painter’s cartoon, modello, oil sketch, or drawn sketch. It is also used by animators when finalizing a character design and it can also act as reference for the animators. These models by highly regarded artists can become as desirable as their completed works, as they show the process of developing an idea.

Incoming Head of NCCA National Committee on Visual Arts Dr. Dennis Montera congratulates the artists on the success of Espasyong Bayan

ARTIST Inc aims to be a center for the advancement of arts and culture towards sustainable and empowered Filipino communities by providing relevant and accessible arts and culture services for Filipino communities.

ARTIST Inc Espasyong Bayan Exhibit in Los Baños, Laguna. Oscar Floirendo’s PADAYON is in the center foreground. (ARTIST Inc photo)

The opening program was graced by Prof. Felipe M. de Leon, Jr., who spoke on Philippine Heritage in Public Spaces; Ms. Alma Quinto (Visual Arts in Public Spaces as Community Dialogue); Mr. Luis “Junyee” Yee, Jr. (Representing Cultural Life through Installation Arts); and Mr. Toym Leon Imao (Visual Arts in Public Spaces amidst social challenges).

ARTIST Inc Espasyong Bayan Exhibit in Los Baños, Laguna. Oscar Floirendo’s PADAYON is in the center foreground. (ARTIST Inc photo) 2

Know more about ESPASYONG BAYAN and the importance of public art in remembering the past and building our future in Episode 95 of Ang KALINANGANG BAYAN, a radio magazine program on Philippine culture, arts, history, heritage, culture and heritage education of (ARTIST, Inc.).



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