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Opportunistic, mudslinging mayoral wannabe


Newport, United Kingdom—Like I said in my previous piece last week, I will try to keep tabs with the ongoing campaign season in Cagayan de Oro City while in the middle of my comfortable vacation here in Great Britain with my husband Ronnie, my daughter Gg, her husband and my grandchildren.
And based on the snippets I saw of the debate among mayoral candidates in Cagayan de Oro sponsored by dxIF Bombo Radyo broadcast live over the Facebook page of the City Information Office of Cagayan de Oro City Hall, my expectations and suspicions of Mayor Oscar Moreno's closest rival had been validated and then some.
Yes, beneath the nearly patrician features and seemingly harmless veneer lies a first class, opportunistic manipulator who will not hesitate to twist and distort facts and replace it with his own mangled, manufactured version of his truth.
Sadly, there will be people who will be fooled by his fake news and hollow charade. They will be lulled into following his grand ambition to sit in City Hall, but in reality he is but a figurehead acting on behalf of an aging relic of a sickly politician desperate to cling to the remnants and memories of his decades-long, iron-fisted rule in the city. 
Based on what I saw of the debate and the inputs from my sources in the City of Golden Friendship, this candidate has nothing to offer to Cagayan de Oro City residents other than his barefaced, ambitious, yet ultimately false promises of universal education and modern transportation and whatever he and his inept handlers can copy paste from the internet. 
Yes, that candidate also promised to revive another of the sickly politician's programs which may be good news to the beneficiaries who had lorded it over vendors during the program's duration.
Yet ask the average city resident who complained and were grossly inconvenienced by the traffic congestion and the pollution caused by this so-called populist program and there is a better than average chance that he or she is not alone in their sentiment.
In his equally desperate bid for City Hall's top post, this candidate is clearly making a play for votes to anyone who had good memories of this street market/ night cafe and even promised to improve on the concept. 
He conveniently forgot that there were already better executed setups of street food courts/stall holders already operating in other cities, provinces and towns across the country like in Cebu City and these were managed by the private sector, not the local government.
Yet this fake news producer masquerading as a mayoral candidate won't hesitate to steal an idea, let alone grab credit for projects implemented by others like Mayor Oscar Moreno.
I am not alone in my assessment of this ambitious, bare-faced lying mayoral wannabe.  Countless netizens of Cagayan de Oro voiced their displeasure and irritation at mayor wannabe's constant sniping at Moreno, who had to work double time to clarify his good name.
As if Mayor Moreno had enough on his hands dealing with mayor wannabe's harangues, he also had to deal with another mayoral candidate who has seen better days. Frankly speaking, his chances of winning are non-existent.
My mole told me that mayor wannabe always goes around with hoodlum-looking bodyguards and he always has “assistants”/servants at his beck and call to fetch him his belongings like tissues, cell phones and even the megaphone he uses during his campaign sorties.
Is that the kind of mayor that Cagayan de Oro City residents deserve? I hope and pray that city residents reject this pretentious, ambitious, opportunistic, mudslinger and vote for Moreno and his allies in the City Council.

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