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Only 6 out of 40 rural villages in cdo implement solid waste management,dad says

Cagayan de Oro City-From 1 or 2 villages in the city who complies the implementation of the Solid Waste Management,there are now 6 rural villages who actively involve in the implementation of the law,said Mayor Rolando “Klarex” Uy during his 1st 100 days report before thousands of city hall employees Monday morning.

“It’s long time overdue since the Republic Act 9003(Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000) was became a law, that’s why this is one of my focal program in this administration and that my priorities to look into is the rural Barangays since these villages has more population.This is a challenging task but i owe to my experts(referring to Community Local Environment and Natural Resources (CLENRO) Chief Engr.Armin Cuenca) and Consultant former City Councilor Eric Salcedo”. Salcedo before he became a city Councilor is a Village Chief of one of the bigger population Barangay in the city and got a highest honor Nationwide in the implementation of Solid Waste Management Act the reason why Mayor Uy trusted him as his consultant in Environmental program of the city government.

In a phone interview, Salcedo said that his recommendation to the mayor is for the urban Barangays to be the model of proper waste disposable through segregation by mandating Barangay officials for an installation of Materials Recovery Facilities(MRF) in their respective area. This city has 40 urban villages located at the heart of the city.

Meanwhile, City Council’s Chairman of the Committee on Environment Roger Abaday said over an interview that there’s a private Company who introduced a Waste Management System and Processing Facility in a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) concept and presented the project in his committee meeting last week.He said that the project highlights an almost half a billion cost of investment with around 1,500 job opportunities.Abaday added that the project will save the city government of Cagayan de Oro an operating cost of Php139 Million under PPP concept.The project called: The Cagayan de Oro City Total Waste Management System and Processing Facility Project.The project will undertake to study and re-engineer the existing waste management facility of the city located at Pagalungan village 268 Kilometers away from the city ,this will ensure environmental rehabilitation and subsequent management.

It can be recalled that Environmental Management Bureau(EMB) Region 10 Director Reynaldo Digamo Jr. questioned the Leachate facility in the city sanitary landfill as substandard. The facility when it’s substandard is harmful to watersheds near the facility because the chemical substance that will produced by residues of the waste in the landfill is Methane gas which is a poisonous substance.

Abaday said that with the proposed project,it will solved the recent loophole in the Leachate facility as among the phase of the project is the separate installation of a standard Leachate facility.

According to Abaday that the project will design and develop a modern integrated waste management facility,a waste conversion facility,Biodegradable Material Processing Facility and Waste Water Treatment Facility.


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