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Of scandals and personal endorsements

London, United Kingdom—While I kept myself relaxed, yet buzzing with activity during my vacation here, I kept tabs on political developments in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental as well as the Philippines.

And based on what I saw in my Facebook feed I can only echo the sentiments of those who resigned themselves to the fact that in this election season, nothing is sacred, even one's privacy.

Let's get this out of the way first.  The so-called sex video involving Apo Hiking Society member turned activist Jim Paredes should not be exploited as fodder by the administration's paid hacks and trolls to diminish election discourse into a mudslinging spectacle.

But what am I saying—the incident has already been ridiculed beyond death by these trolls and paid hacks who need to earn their daily bread by demolishing the administration's critics and political opponents. 

What happened to Paredes was, among other things, a serious breach of privacy that is unsettling in this age of Duterte where criticizing the President especially his bloody war on drugs will be met by bullying, ridicule and outright intimidation.


Now on to local politics—this is after all election season.  What did cheer me up amid the morass and vile character assassination waged by this desperate mayoral aspirant were the campaign trail photos of good friend, City Council candidate Rhona Canoy.


She did receive the official presidential endorsement and unlike said mayoral aspirant who only set foot in Cagayan de Oro City after filing his candidacy, Canoy spent most, if not all of her life in the City of Golden Friendship.

With a father as former mayor of Cagayan de Oro, Canoy's claim to roots in the city cannot be debated.  Further bolstering her qualifications for the City Council seat is her background and commitment to education, one of many essential programs of any administration including the incumbent Mayor Oscar Moreno.

If this reads like I'm campaigning for her then so be it.  And I am confident that I am not alone in endorsing her candidacy since they share both my faith and confidence in her suitability for public office. In fact they may have already given their endorsement of her way ahead of me. 

Speaking of City Council candidates, please allow me dear readers to also endorse the candidacy of Dr. Meneleo Navarro who is also running under the political opposition. I also hope to write about the good doctor in future pieces.


As I finish writing this piece it is nearly the close of yet another eventful week for a lot of us and since the weekend often finds most of us on chill mode, anything that disrupts us from our reverie usually gets more than a caustic comment from us.

Again it's election season and I do certainly thank God that I am not around to hear the irritating sound of campaign music blaring from loudspeakers installed in jeepneys or any vehicle used by local candidates doing door-to-door campaigning.

As if it's not enough that said candidates steal original songs from Pinoy and foreign artists and retrofit them to include their names for their target audience, they also won't hesitate to dance in front of voters even if they look ridiculous doing so.

But that's how the game is played for years now nearly anywhere in the Philippines and any rants by me or other Pinoys already tired of the same old routine and spectacle will only be drowned out by the cheers and jeers of those who find it entertaining enough to see these candidates doing their darndest best to court their votes.

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