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NutriAsia EcoStation Perks Up the Holidays at BGC

The Christmas lights are all lit up at the NutriAsia EcoStation, marking the beginning of the sustainability hub’s holiday celebrations at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

NutriAsia President and COO Angie Flaminiano and Chief Marketing Officer Ampy Rio led the Christmas lighting event amidst cheerful Christmas carols sung by NutriAsia employees.

Located at the Bus Stop at 30 th street corner 9 th avenue at BGC, the NutriAsia EcoStation features Christmas carols and karaoke singing to spread cheers during this holiday season. Open from 2 pm to 9 pm from Fridays to Sundays up to Christmas eve, anyone and everyone is welcome to do the karaoke and sing Christmas carols at the top of their voices at the EcoStation. Those who get a score of 95 and above get to win prizes such as NutriAsia gift boxes and Shopee gift vouchers!

The Bus Stop at 30 th street, which fronts the JYCC building where NutriAsia has its headquarters, holds a special place in the story of the leading condiments manufacturer. In 2015, NutriAsia decided to adopt the Bus Stop at 30 th Street from the Fort Bonifacio community “to make waiting fun for commuters”. NutriAsia dressed up the Bus Stop with fun designs and interactive activities all throughout the year, depending on the occasion or the season. Thus, commuters were in for some cheery surprise come Valentine’s, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas, bringing smiles on their faces as they start or end their day.

In May 2021, just as the pandemic was peaking, the Bus Stop took on a more significant role when NutriAsia launched its EcoStation there. Designed to be the company’s sustainability hub, the NutriAsia EcoStation harnesses solar energy to power an integrated watering system that irrigates surrounding plants and has a dispenser that gives free water refills to those who bring their own bottles and containers.

While the services of the EcoStation continued even at the height of the pandemic, NutriAsia decided to put on hold the celebrations of the changing seasons at the Bus Stop.

This December, the festive spirit at the EcoStation comes back with a bang, reviving the centuries-old tradition of Christmas caroling via everyone’s favorite, the karaoke. NutriAsia invites everyone to join in the fun of merry singing in the spirit of the holiday season!


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